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The sweetness of Luc Ngan lychee

Luc Ngan district, about 40km east of Bac Giang city,  is blessed with various beautiful landscapes like Khuon Than lake, Cam Son lake and Thum village dam and its mild weather. It is also known for its specialty - lychee.


Luc Ngan lychee,  Khuon Than lake, Chu town
Luc Ngan lychees.

From Bac Giang city in the northern province of same name straight from national highway 31, visitors will arrive at Chu town, the centre of Luc Ngan district in one hour. Visitors to Luc Ngan in March can enjoy the picturesque landscapes of the district as white lychee flowers bloom beside hills, along with images of faraway local houses’ roofs. However, between May and July, Luc Ngan district becomes crowded, because it is time for lychee harvest.

During this time, all over the district, visitors can see bunches of the red ripe lychees on trees. This is also the busiest time for local people. Each household has from dozens to thousands of trees. As people focus on harvesting, sweat run down on their faces, brightened with happiness after a year of hard work.

Luc Ngan district has about 20,000ha under lychee cultivation, which provides 60-70 tonnes of lychee each year. As Luc Ngan lychee of Bac Giang is loved across the country, many traders from Hanoi, Quang Ninh and even from the central and south region arrive for lychee season. The lychee is exported to China and ASEAN countries as well. The lychee will also be made into dried and canned fruit for export and for people to enjoy its flavour any time of the year.

Plenty of agencies to buy lychees have been set up by local people in Chu town, and Phuong Son, Qui Son and Tru Huu communes in Luc Ngan. During the harvest time, those agencies collect lychees from local farmers and sell the lychees to traders from other places.

Lychee was initially planted in Luc Ngan in the 1990s by farmers from the northern province of Hai Duong. With their efforts, people in Luc Ngan have turned bare hills into gardens of lychees.

Lychee in Thanh Ha district of Hai Duong is known for its wonderful flavour, as it is cultivated in red soil hills with gravel in the mild weather of Luc Ngan, it becomes sweeter. The deliciousness of Luc Ngan lychee even transcends that of Thanh Ha lychee and is popular among lychee lovers. When it is ripe, Luc Ngan lychee has bright red thin skin, small seed and sweet thick flesh, which makes people want to eat more and buy for their families and friends as gifts. 

On a trip to visit Luc Ngan and enjoy the famous Luc Ngan lychee, visitors can travel to Khuon Than lake, which is 10km away from Chu town. Covering 240ha, Khuon Than lake has many beautiful small islands surrounded by pine trees.

Tourists can also ride on boats on Khuon Than lake and drop by the farms of local farmers. From Chu town, they can travel 35km more to reach Cam Son lake, see the cold-water fish farms, go camping on its island and enjoy the charm of the lake.

By Yen Ha

Luc Ngan lychee, Khuon Than lake, Chu town
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