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Excellent farmer Ngo Van Anh earns billions of VND from chicken raising for eggs

(BGO) – Overcoming the disappointment of farming failure with a lost of over 3 billion VND (128,500 USD) and consecutive sleepless nights for the bankruptcy risk, Ngo Van Anh (born in 1973) in Que hamlet, Bao Dai commune (Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province) is honored as one of 63 excellent Vietnamese farmers in 2018 thanks to his strong will and belief.

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In 2008, Anh boldly asked the communal authority to hire him about 2 hectares of hill land and swamp to build a farming model of ISA brown chicken that is originated from the USA in nearly 8,000 square meters. This is the special breed for the egg with the annual productivity of 300 – 320 eggs per head, nearly 10 fold increase comparing to the popular chicken.

Excellent farmer, Ngo Van Anh, chicken raising, chicken for eggs, Bac Giang province, farming failure, bankruptcy risk, strong will and belief

Ngo Van Anh (first on the right) introduces the model to the members of the communal Farmers’ Association. Photo: Dinh Huong.

He decided to invest in this model after grasping the information via communication media as well as many prospects because it has yet to be done in the province.

Initially, when he was hired to raise chicken for a Hanoi based company with the scale of 6,000 heads, the lack of experiences led to many deaths of the chicken and low egg productivity. Later on, the company was bankrupted that made his egg consumption stagnant.

Anh shared that his family’s eggs with brown-red color were slowly sold at a very cheap price (few hundred VND per egg) in only some markets because the majority of customers consider them as Chinese products. Meanwhile, 6,000 hens laid over 5,000 eggs per day and the chicken feeding was so expensive.

“At that time I kept wondering about giving up or continuing the chicken rasing because I regretted investing billions of VND from bank loan but I was also afraid of the bankruptcy risk. Sometimes I could not sleep and rest for the issue. I lost nearly 3 billion VND in the period of 2011-1012”, Anh recalled.

Instead of bearing the failure, he took utmost efforts on searching for the consumption markets in the industrial parks, military stations, schools, systems of restaurant and hotel in and outside the province as well as visited several locations to learn the techniques.

As the result, the current output has been much eased. Sometimes, the supply can not meet the demand. Anh has invested orderly in the chicken farm with an auto cooling system, supervision cameras including 5 regions to breed nearly 32 thousand heads while the farm internal temperature is always maintained at 22-30 degree Celcius depending on the season with a regular sterilization.

According to Anh, the chicken breeders should firmly understand the breed’s identity to minimize the risk. For an instant, the chicken will be suffered from asthma in a too cold temperature or diarrhea in a too hot environment. On a daily basis, Anh collects some 20,000 eggs and uses 2.5 – 2.7 tonnes of chicken feed (equivalent to 20 million VND or 856 USD).

The model brings him an annual revenue of some 9 billion VND (385,500 USD) or benefit of nearly 1.5 billion VND (64,200 USD) after deducting the cost. Also, his model has attracted many delegates in and outside the province to visit for experiences since 2017.

Ngo Van Anh is the only farmer in Bac Giang province to be honored on October 14 as one of 63 excellent Vietnamese farmers in 2018, which is an award and encouragement for him to keep the right track on his development and contribute to building the farming economy in Luc Nam hometown.

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Excellent farmer, Ngo Van Anh, chicken raising, chicken for eggs, Bac Giang province, farming failure, bankruptcy risk, strong will and belief
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