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Nearly 700 specialty products gain IP protection in 2018

Vietnam had 695 local special products registered for intellectual property protection in 2018 out of more than 4,800 specialties. 

The figures were released at a conference held by the steering committee for the “Vietnamese prioritize using Vietnamese goods” campaign in Hanoi on January 15 to review its operation last year and set out tasks for 2019.

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Transactions at a Vietnamese goods fair.

The decade-long campaign has helped stimulate the development of local businesses through efforts to improve products’ quality and sell at more reasonable prices.

In 2018, Departments of Industry and Trade of localities nationwide organized 114 fairs of made-in-Vietnam products in rural areas and over 150 promotional campaigns. They also built 100 brick-and-mortar selling points dedicated to Vietnamese goods across 60 provinces and cities.

“The campaign should not be a slogan but aim to conquer Vietnamese consumers,” said Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Do Thang Hai at the conference.

In 2019, the steering committee said it will continue to promote the use of locally made materials and products while issuing policies to encourage domestic production and protect the local market.

According to insiders, the market share of Vietnamese goods is expected to rise to over 80 percent at distribution channels by 2020.


Trang Tien ice cream, a Hanoian specialty
Arriving in Hanoi in the hot summer, a lot of Hanoians will recommend you go straight to Trang Tien street to get an ice cream. The popular ice cream has become a specialty the city after more than 60 years of sales.
Com – A Vietnamese specialty
One of the origins of Com (green sticky rice) can be traced to Vong village, 7 km west of downtown Hanoi. The legend begins with a severe famine in the village many years ago.
Nem nuong Cai Rang, a specialty of Can Tho
The Mekong river delta city of Can Tho is well-known for Cai Rang district’s Nem nuong (literally grilled sausage). The dish is a real Vietnamese grilled pork sausage or grilled meatball served with rice noodles or rice as a main course.
Buffalo meat – a specialty of Phuc Lam village
(BGO) – Buffalo meat is available everywhere, but the meat seems to be much tastier in Phuc Lam village in Hoang Ninh commune, Viet Yen district, which is a center for cow and buffalo slaughter. After the animal is slaughtered at mid-night, local restaurants take the fresh meat to cook various dishes.
‘Thac lac’ fish, a specialty and pride of Hau Giang
Cha ca thac lac (fried thac lac fish), one of specialties of Hau Giang, is a dish every visitor should try when visiting the province.

Source: VNA

specialty products , IP protection, intellectual property protection, Vietnamese goods, decade-long campaign, products’ quality
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