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FSC Forest Management Certification: "The key" to timber export

(BGO) - Bac Giang has nearly 120,000 hectares of production forest land, annually producing more than 600,000 cu.m of wood of all kinds. The timber is mainly exported to countries in the region but not to the US and European markets, so its value is low. The reason is that Bac Giang's forest has not yet got the Stewardship Council (FSC) Forest Management Certification. Increasing the area of forest granted this type of certification is still a difficult problem for the local forestry sector.

Benefits from obtaining FSC Forest Management Certification

The Yen The Forestry Two Members Company Limited (referred to as Yen The Forestry Company) is the first unit of Bac Giang to be granted the FSC Certification (in 2016) on an area of more than 2,200 hectares of production forest.

FSC, Forest Management Certification, timber export, Bac Giang province, production forest land, US and European markets, clean production, advanced technical requirements

Officials and workers of the Yen The Forestry Company inspect the growth of large acacia forest in Rung Chieng village, Tien Thang commune.

Hoang Van Chuc, Director of the company, said that in order to get the FSC Forest Management Certification, the enterprise underwent a process of surveying and making forest management plans, including measuring and identifying planted forests and forest land, and obtaining authorities’ certification of the legality...

FSC experts will use real information in the sets of indexes of Vietnam and the world (including principles, criteria and indexes). If any index is not yet reached, the company must adjust it. The cost of getting a FSC Forest Management Certification for the entire forest area of the company is nearly 1 billion VND (42,900 USD).

When being granted the certification, the enterprise must invest more in seed, fertiliser, pesticide and care ... according to international standards, while ensuring clean production and meeting the advanced technical requirements.

In return, the timber value and output of the forest are higher. According to Chuc, the price of logs will increase from 12 to 15 percent per cu.m. After preliminary processing, cutting and producing plywood, the profit will climb to 20 percent per cu.m of wood or higher.

The Yen The Forestry Company is currently the only unit in the province granted the forest certification. Through surveys, except for forest business enterprises in the locality, most forest owners do not know the FSC Forest Management Certification.

Development orientations

According to the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the province's goal is to stabilise the area of planting material forests of 80,000 hectares; and expand the area of planted forest granted the FSC Forest Management Certification to 13,000 hectares by 2030 and 15,000 hectares by 2035.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), established in 1993 in Canada, is a non-profit organization that operates independently to prevent indiscriminate exploitation of forests and encourage exploitation activities associated with sustainable forest development worldwide. The council developed the FSC Forest Management Certification with a set of 10 principles and 56 criteria as a basis for assessing forest management and forest product use of forest owners and units making products from forest.

Tu Quoc Huy, Deputy Director of the provincial Forest Protection Department, said that the biggest difficulty in granting the FSC Forest Management Certification is the limited awareness of forest owners on developing a set of criteria to get the certification as they have no information and have not grasped the policy of the State on this issue.

In order to develop production forests sustainably, increase value and increase income for people through export, in April 2019, the provincial Party Committee issued Resolution No. 401-NQ / TU on the agricultural development strategy of the province by 2030, with a vision to 2035. 

The strategy sets a goal of developing timber trees, focusing on promoting intensive afforestation; expanding the areas of large timber forests and those granted the FSC Forest Management Certification.

In order to realize the above-said policy, in the coming time, the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development will advise the provincial People's Committee to develop a forest certification scheme in the province.

It will develop a set of criteria for obtaining forest certification for forestry enterprises first (about 10,000 ha) and then individuals.

At the same time, the agricultural sector needs to coordinate with and help people understand the benefits of forest certification. In addition to the State support for doing forest certification procedures worth 300,000 VND per ha, forest owners must link with enterprises for additional support and product consumption. 

That means forest owners will shake hands to gather enough forest area from 100ha (according to regulations) or more to get the FSC Forest Management Certification.

Quang Nam province’s working delegation explores agro-forestry models in Bac Giang
(BGO) - On November 9, a working delegation from the central province of Quang Nam led by Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Le Tri Thanh paid a working visit to Bac Giang province. Duong Van Thai, Vice Chairman of the Bac Giang provincial People's Committee, and representatives of some departments and agencies hosted a working session with the delegation.

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FSC, Forest Management Certification, timber export, Bac Giang province, production forest land, US and European markets, clean production, advanced technical requirements
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