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Cage fish farming on Cau River

(BGO) - In recent years, realizing the potential of cage fish farming on the Cau River, Duong Duc Cuong, a resident in Ha Lat village, Tien Son commune (Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province), has invested in this model.

Cuong quickly rowed his boat to take visitors to his family's fish farming model. He happily pointed at more than a dozen bags of grass on the boat, saying that every day he rows his boat to the other bank of the river to cut the grass and bring it to feed the fish. 

Cage fish farming, Cau River, Bac Giang province, Duong Duc Cuong, fish farming model, good meat quality

The cage fish farming model of Cuong's family.

He shared that, in the past, he did many jobs and went to many places but still could not find a job to develop his family's economy. In 2017, he went to Yen Phong district (Bac Ninh province) to visit a cage fish farming model of households here. 

He realized that his locality has potential so he bravely invested in this model. He spent over 60 million VND (2,570 USD) and went to Nam Dinh province to buy nets and ropes to make a 72sq.m cage on the Cau River - the section running through Luong Tai village, Tien Son commune to raise carps.

In the first crop, he dropped nearly 3,000 fries. When the fish matured, he harvested 7 tonnes of fish and sold them for nearly 300 million VND (12,875 USD). After deducting costs of making cages, buying small fries and food, and cutting grass, he earned more than 100 million VND (4,300 USD) in profit.

Feeding the fish, he further said that at the end of 2018, he installed one1 more cage of over 100sq.m to raise fingerlings in order to be more active in production, avoid pathogens, and reduce fingerling buying costs. 

According to Cuong, cage fish farming on the river has many advantages as the oxygen in the water is high and the water is always circulated. These are also favorable conditions for cage fish to grow and develop well, with good meat quality favored by consumers. 

When raising fish, attention should be paid to observing the expression of fish and the most important thing is to ensure their safety against diseases as well as regularly check and grasp the situation to have timely solutions when a disease is detected.

Cuong’s fish cages are now a place for surrounding households and those from other districts to come to learn from experience. In order to promote the potential and strength of the locality, the province’s specialized agencies are evaluating the efficiency for the expansion of the model.

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Nguyen Khuong 

The provincial Agricultural Promotion Center


Cage fish farming, Cau River, Bac Giang province, Duong Duc Cuong, fish farming model, good meat quality
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