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Promoting youth strength to build prosperous Bac Giang homeland

(BGO) – Strictly adhering to the instruction from the Central Youth Union, Provincial Party Committee and People’s Committee under the motto “Bac Giang youth consolidate and promote the creative thinking and voluntary youth strength toward prosperous and civilized Bac Giang province”, all levels of provincial youth union and associations have taken great efforts to gain outstanding achievements in youth union and movement for 5 years.

Creating youth’s beautiful image

The widespread of revolutionary action programme, patriotism emulation campaign, movement to study and follow late President Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, morality and characters strongly inspires the youth pioneering spirit, voluntary for community and develop the capability of each member in the individual field.

Promoting youth strength, prosperous Bac  Giang, homeland, Bac Giang province, Central Youth Union, voluntary youth strength

Club of young doctors in Bac Giang city provides health examination to the older and national contributors.

The Youth Federation in Bac Giang province is always highly evaluated by the Central Youth Union and recognized as one of the top leading unit in youth union tasks and movements. Many typical collectives, individuals, officers, members and youths were known and honored, contributing to creating beautiful image of Bac Giang youth in new era.

Particularly, the movement “I love my country” has been widely implemented to promote the youth capability in each field that proved for the strong development of the youth organization with considerable contribution to the provincial socio-economic growth.

The programmes “Winter and Spring Voluntary”, “March in Border” and “Green Summer Voluntary Campaign” have been done every where under practical content and method.

Also, all levels of union called for donations in cash and kind to repair and build 67 humanitarian houses to the poor worth over 1.6 billion VND (69,100 USD) while the members and youth donated nearly 3,500 mandates to repair and decorate 1,200 houses and welfare projects in the localities.

The voluntary blood donation campaign becomes more and more popular in the young generation and the people of all strata. 267 health examination and consultation events were held to care for nearly 55,300 people under the programmes “Young doctor follows Uncle Ho’s teachings, voluntary for community health”.

The communication and education about environmental protection and climate change response have been boosted up among the youth to raise their awareness and action via such programmes “Green, clean and beautiful villages”, “Voluntary Saturday”, “Green Sunday”…

Realizing the campaign “Sentiment to border and island”, all levels of unions reinforce the communication about the sovereignty and security for the national border and island while calling all the youth to seriously follow the Law on Military Obligation to actively join the activities to build the people’s national defence and security strategy.

Continuing reform to improve the efficiency of union operation

Promoting youth strength, prosperous Bac  Giang, homeland, Bac Giang province, Central Youth Union, voluntary youth strength

Youth members of Yen The district create mural painting to decorate the rural road in Bo Ha commune.

Looking back at the the recent tenure, most of the basic targets were hit and exceeded.

To develop the gained result, the provincial Youth Federation in the upcoming tenure will further reform the operational method to improve the quality and efficiency of the movements, programmes and campaigns; expand the solidarity and youth gathering to care for them, orient the ideal and create favourable condition and environment for their practise, contribution to grow up under the motto “Bac Giang youth consolidate with creativeness, voluntary and development”.

Additionally, it focuses on building a patriotism young generation with discipline, responsibility and humanity who are active in studying, self start-up and have passion for history and national tradition with morality, cultural and civilized lifestyle.

The provincial Youth Federation has been strongly and firmly reinforced to gather and consolidate a wide range of youth so as to accompany them, promote their capability, thinking and youth strength.

Youth Union Deputy Secretary Luong Xuan Hiep dedicates to community
(BGO)- As mentioning about what he has done for community, Luong Xuan Hiep (born in 1991), Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union of Dinh Ke ward, Bac Giang city shared with simple words: because he doesn’t want to waste his youth. 
Bac Giang player Luong Hoang Tu Linh wins bronze at World Youth Chess Championships
(BGO) - The World Youth Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships 2019 took place in Spain from September 11 – 17. At the event, Bac Giang chess player Luong Hoang Tu Linh had a success competition.
Two Bac Giang chess players join World Youth Chess Championships
(BGO) – The World Youth Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships 2019 takes place in Spain from September 11 – 17.
Secretary of youth union performs well in both “roles”
(BGO)- Start up with empty hands but with his strong determination, Nguyen Van Tuan (born in 1989) in Nhan Le hamlet, Song Mai commune, Bac Giang city currently owns a company specializing in trading and producing aluminum and glass earning some hundreds million VND (some 4,315 USD) annually.
Bac Giang has two national outstanding youth projects
(BGO) – The Central Committee of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union on August 26 held a ceremony to conclude the action period themed “Vietnam youth follow Uncle Ho’s Testament” and honor 50 outstanding youth projects at Ba Dinh Square (Hanoi city).

Nguy Van Tuyen,

 Member of the Executive Board of the Central Youth Union, Secretary of the provincial Youth Union, Chairman of the provincial Youth Federation.

Promoting youth strength, prosperous Bac Giang, homeland, Bac Giang province, Central Youth Union, voluntary youth strength
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