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“King of the fish” in Ngac Hai lake

(BGO) – It is the nickname that anglers call Truong Viet Chien (born in 1979), owner of the fish farm on Ngac Hai lake in Xuan Luong commune, Yen The district, Bac Giang province. Besides the passion for doing fish relevant business, Chien is dreaming to build Ngac Hai lake become tourism attraction.  

“Awaken” the advantages

Ngac Hai lake is nearly 50 km away from Bac Giang city. It covers 54 ha and is surrounded by low ranges of mountains, forest of Acacia and Eucalyptus. The local romantic landscape is created by the fresh climate, high blue sky, natural melodies of the birds and the tree’s shade on the water.

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A corner of fish farm of Truong Viet Chien.

Chien’s fish farm is prominent on the lake surface with the houses, firm towers and cages of huge scale by the dam.

The whole fish farm has 65 cages, each covers 36 square meters with 4m deep net which can raise 15,000 fishes (depending on each breed). The warehouse and big concrete tanks were built on the lake side with a synchronous water pipe system.

Chien said he has recently invested 3.3 billion VND (140,800 USD) more to expand the fish farm. As schedule, he will let the eel to reproduce in this area late this year so as to limit the import of the small fish from China.

His farm is specialized in raising eel and hemibagrus. Their meats are delicious so they enjoy smooth consumption in domestic and export market.

With current selling price, the breeder gain benefit at least 25 – 30,000 VND per kg ( over 1 USD) excluding the production cost. If the hemibagrus is over 6 kg, it can be sold at more than 350,000 VND (15 USD) per kg to bring high benefit.

Ngac Hai lake is ideally to raise special fishes such as eel and hemibagrus because it has deep water with clean and stable temperature. To ensure the optimum development for the fishes, he hires 3 workers to take care of them.

The feeding time, food composition and used medicine are strictly implemented in line with the disease safe procedure.

Though his family lives in the city, Chien visits the fish farm few days per week. Moreover, he supervises the fish cage on the camera systems to ensure the safe production.

King of the fish, Ngac Hai lake, Bac Giang province, Truong Viet Chien, fish farm, tourism attraction, domestic and export market,

The hemibagrus raising farm of Truong Viet Chien.

“In the upcoming time, I will expand to 85 fish cages and open a factory to produce fish food toward self supply. It is the stepping stone to implement intensive fish production to meet the market demand,” Chien shared.

In March, he set up cooperative to have opportunities to make preferential bank loan to realize his dream.

Sweet fruit after challenges

Chien encountered alot of challenges to gain present result. He was born in Nguyen Van Cu street, Bac Giang city as the next son in 5 children family. His parent made a living as the trades persons so he learnt the way to overcome the difficulties from early childhood.

Chien graduated the refrigeration career after 3 years study but failed to find suitable job. In late 2001, he travelled to Russia to work with his older brother as the traders. Thanks to the frequent communication with Chinese and Russian tradesmen, he self studied Russian and Chinese.

Later on, the good Chinese skill helps him deeply enter Chinese markets to bring several types of eel and hemibagrus distribute to the breeders in Vietnam.

In 2005, he got married then moved to Vietnam to take care of his family and make his own start-up in 2011.

Chien revealed: “From 2013 to 2016, I invested nearly 40 billion VND (1.7 million USD) in several fields of mechanical workshop, wood processing company, eel trade and breeding...However, I lost nearly 20 billion VND due to lack of managing experience and deceived partners...”

Together with the active encouragement from relatives, at that time, Chien regularly went fishing with his friends to nurture his mind and find out new business way.

When visiting Ngac Hai lake, he thought about the idea to hire the lake, raise fish and build ecosytem site for entertainment fishing activities.

One of his next failure was when he raised 15,000 eels in 10 first cages in Ngac Hai lake (in 2015) then all of them (totally worth 128 million VND or over 5,400 USD) became food for other big fishes on the lake after less than 10 days. The silly reason was because the fish his raised was smaller than the mesh. Witnessing the lost, his partner got sick and gave up.

After this failure, Chien moved to Hanoi and Hai Duong to visit and learn the technology in the same fish raising models. One month later, he continued investing 120 million VND (5,100 USD) to raise fish and hired two Taiwanese experts to support the technical aspect for three months (from 2015 - 2018) to prepare the pond and cage before raising the fish.

As the result, he harvested 20 tonnes of fishes and earned benefit of nearly 300 million VND in 2016.

King of the fish, Ngac Hai lake, Bac Giang province, Truong Viet Chien, fish farm, tourism attraction, domestic and export market,

Truong Viet Chien by Ngac Hai lake.

With gained experiences, in next two years, he invested to build from 10 to 65 fish cages. The right investment helped him harvest 80 tonnes of hemibagrus and 70 tonnes of eel last year. Excluding the production cost, he earned benefit of 1.1 billion VND (42,600 USD) to over 5 billion VND (213,400 USD) per year. This year, he planned to harvest 250 tonnes of fish of all kinds.

Knowing about his success, the fish breeders have come to get the consultation from the provinces of Thanh Hoa, Nam Dinh, Hai Duong, Thai Nguyen and Phu Tho. The partners are more and more expanded. Several households in Song Cong (Thai Nguyen) were instructed and invested by him to change from pig to fish raising model and gain high income now.

Besides, Chien and his partners together invested to raise sturgeon in Cam Son lake and open a fish nurturing farm in Xuan Phu commune (Yen Dung district)...

Saying goodbye to the young owner amid Ngac Hai fanciful scenery of water and cloud, I wish him succeed with his plan, expectation and become “king of the fish” not only in Ngac Hai lake.

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King of the fish, Ngac Hai lake, Bac Giang province, Truong Viet Chien, fish farm, tourism attraction, domestic and export market,
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