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Bac Giang needs to implement urgent solutions to recover production, business due to Covid-19’s impacts

(BGO)- This is the direction of Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Duong Van Thai at the official dispatch No 1821/UBND-CN dated 30 April 2020 on implementation of some urgent measures to remove obstacles for production and business affected by Covid-19 pandemic.

The provincial Chairman urged the State Bank, Bac Giang branch to guide the credit organizations in the province to strictly implement the tasks and measures to remove difficulties for enterprises affected by Covid-19 pandemic following directions of the State Bank of Vietnam.

Bac Giang province, urgent solutions, recover production, Covid-19’s impacts, social insurance payment, inspection plan, supply of goods

The transportation businesses resume all activities.

The provincial Customs Department was required to update information about the Government’s supporting policies while directing its units to popularize information to taxpayers on extension of tax (added value tax, enterprise income tax and personal income tax) and land use fee payments in accordance with the Government’s Decree No 41 on the extension of deadlines for tax and land use fee payments.

The provincial Social Security was urged to propagate and guide the units, enterprises and cooperatives affected by Covid-19 pandemic in the locality while immediately receiving and handling requests for postponing social insurance payment to the pension fund and death benefits and interest exemption in accordance with legal regulations for the enterprises meeting conditions of postponing payment.

It is necessary to timely update information from the Social Security of Vietnam and collaborate with related agencies to guide postpone social insurance payment of Covid-19 victims without sanctioning late payment conforming to the laws.

The provincial Inspectorate and Inspectorate Division of the departments, agencies and people’s committee of the districts and city were required to review the inspection plan in 2020 and temporarily postpone the planned inspection activities upon the projects, enterprises and cooperatives to facilitate them stabilizing production and business amid the pandemic fight, only carry out inspection on cases with indications of law violation or complicated cases.

The provincial Chairman assigned the Department of Industry and Trade to collaborate with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Construction and related agencies to report on facts and demands for raw materials and provide solutions to diversify and ensure sufficient supply resources for production in the province.

They were also urged to forecast market demands to work out solutions to ensure raw materials for production and plans on production, distribution, circulation and supply of goods meeting consumption.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development was required to collaborate with the Department of Industry and Trade and related agencies to foster farm production and processing, provide detailed measures for reduction of pork price, recommend solutions to improve original traceability of the farm produce to boost export to China and other countries in official manner while seeking opportunities for and changing methods of trading, consumption and export of the key farm products.

The Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism was urged to collaborate with the professional tourism associations to build and implement the Tourism Promotion Programme, strengthen advertising and developing new tourism products to lure international tourists (after Covid-19 pandemic is in good control) and strongly develop domestic tourism.

Soft loans help young people start business
(BGO) - The movement of establishing a business, rising out of poverty and getting rich in the homeland of the youth in Bac Giang province has been effectively implemented with support from preferential loans through the youth unions. The number of young people's economic projects producing high income has been increasing, contributing positively to the national target programme on sustainable poverty reduction.
Bac Giang continues improving business climate to heighten national competitiveness
(BGO) - Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee of Bac Giang province (PPC) has issued the Directive no 03/CT-UBND to continue implementing the key tasks and solutions for improvement of the investment and business climate and enhancement of the national competitiveness in 2020.
Bac Giang Business Consultation and Support Center joins hands with enterprises to handle difficulties
(BGO) – The Bac Giang Business Consultation and Support  Center (BCSC) under the Bac Giang provincial Business Association has recently taken great efforts to consult and instruct the individuals and enterprises to handle the difficulties and obstacles arising in such fields of investment, taxation, customs..., helping create completed and developed environment for production and business in the province.
Fortuned businesses, developed province
(BGO) – The northern province of Bac Giang has been recently ranked among the top leading provinces in investment attraction, particularly securing the sixth position nationwide in 2019 in approving for new projects. In spite of the impressive results, there are many thing to be done in term of investment attraction  to promote the effectiveness of “fortuned businesses, developed province”. 
Due attention paid to facilitate business development in Bac Giang province
(BGO) – The northern province of Bac Giang holds quarterly Business Coffee Programme to renew the method to contact and exchange with the local enterprises. Also, it is a channel for the provincial authority to know their expectation and desire so as to timely handle the difficulties and obstacles to facilitate the business development.  


Bac Giang province, urgent solutions, recover production, Covid-19’s impacts, social insurance payment, inspection plan, supply of goods
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