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Startup journies in “village of guest workers”

(BGO) –The mountainous village of Tam Di in Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province recalls the homeland of numerous guest workers to Republic of Korea, Japan or Taiwan (China). Amid the huge wage of working abroad, several youths decided to stay at home and make their own start-up.

The people selected to stay at homeland

At 5 am, the Nung ethnic young man Mong Van Tuan (born in 1990), Secretary of the Youth Union in Trai Tram hamlet, Chairman of the Economic Youth Club and his relatives start gathering, classify the pineapples into first and second class then arrange in each pack.

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Mong Van Tuan.

Due to the impact of Covid-19 pandemic and prolong social distancing period, the transport and consumption are severely impacted. Tuan must deliver the harvested pineapples to the retail stores in several markets in Bac Ninh and Thai Nguyen province.

After graduating from high school, Tuan entered the military which helped him practise his strong spirit and stay firmly amid difficulties. In 2013, Tuan made his start-up with more than 4 hectares of forest, 3 hectares of pineapple and some 2,000 commodity chickens. Thanks to his lessons and experiences learnt from others and technological application, Tuan has gained his capital after the second batches of chicken and gradually earned benefit.

In Trai Tram hamlet, the youth deciding to stay amid the huge wage of working abroad came together into a group. They established the Economic Youth Club with 13 members to exchange experiences, support each others in term of capital and breed. Apart from Tuan, many other members take advantages of the local climate condition and soil to find the production way.

Finding new orientation

The big asset of family of Tran Van Hien (born in 1988) and Hoang Thuy Linh (born in 1992) in Trai Tram hamlet includes more than 1,000 baskets of orchids of all kinds. The passion for the flower suddenly came to Hien in late 2018 when his friend presented him several baskets of orchids.

Startup stories, Bac Giang province,  village of guest workers, huge wage of working abroad, Covid-19 pandemic,  Economic Youth Club, high economic value

Hoang Thuy Linh makes business startup by growing orchids.

Acknowledging that many types of orchid can bring high economic value and great demand, he decided to start the business of orchid growing. At the first day, the couple encountered a lot of difficulties due to the lack of caring technique, leading to several loss.

Later on, overcoming the challenges, Hien strove to study the property of each variety to take the experience. Now, he is able to reproduce several rare orchid such as Phi Diep, Cam Bao, Duoi Cao and Hai Yen. He owns precious orchids with high value ranging from few hundred VND, few million VND to dozens of million VND.

Also making start-up from personal hobby, the ethnic youths Dinh Van Quan (born in 1990) and Hoang Van Dai (born in 1994) in Hon Ngoc hamlet, Tam Di commune join hands to raise over 2,600 French and Japanese breed turtle-doves.

The young owners have recently installed the automatic water pipe system with full coverage. Normally, after raising the birds for 7 months, the Japanese breed turtle dove starts laying eggs. In good caring condition, they can lay eggs all the year round.

Now two young men have more than 200 couples. After laying eggs, the turtle dove hatches the eggs for 13 days. 45 days after hatching, the young bird can be sold at 100,000 VND (4.27 USD) per couple of commodity turtle dove.

Taking serious working attitude

Tam Di commune now has about 648 youths working abroad. With the dream to escape from the poverty and get rich on the homeland, the youth in Tram Tram or Hon Ngoc hamlets decided to stay at the countryside to realize the target.

Startup stories, Bac Giang province,  village of guest workers, huge wage of working abroad, Covid-19 pandemic,  Economic Youth Club, high economic value

Dinh Van Quang (left) and Nguyen Van Manh, Secretary of Youth Union in Tam Di commune.

By gathering in the Economic Youth Club, many members have chance to access to the preferential loan for start-up youths. Particularly, Tuan borrowed 100 million VND (4,200 USD) from the preferential credit programme to support Bac Giang youth in start-up activities managed by the provincial Youth Union.

Besides, others were provided training courses by the provincial and district Youth Unions to deliver the technologies, experiences in production.

The start-up path for local youth seems to be so challenging because of the complex location of Trai Tram with less agriculture land and large area of mountain and forest as well as limited source of water.

However, with the solidarity spirit, enthusiasm and youth activeness, the youth in Trai Tram and Hon Ngoc hamlets will firmly stand and blow new inspiration to the land.

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Tuyet Mai – Do Quyen

Startup stories, Bac Giang province, village of guest workers, huge wage of working abroad, Covid-19 pandemic, Economic Youth Club, high economic value
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