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Cau Vong land has new face

(BGO)- After 10 years building new-style rural areas, Tan Yen district in northern province of Bac Giang has fulfilled all of the criteria in the period from 2011 to 2020. The rural socio-economic infrastructure has been constructed while people’s living standard has been improved. 

Consensus to build the homeland

This time, farmers are busy harvesting in the golden yellow rice fields. The roads from Hop Duc to Phuc Hoa are brightened with ripen lychee. A hive of people are buying plump guava and star apple. The inter-communal roads are concreted and rural roads are equipped with electric lighting system.

Cau Vong land, new face, Bac Giang province, new-style rural areas, socio-economic infrastructure, people’s living standard, electric lighting system, health and cultural activities

Inter-communal route of Hop Duc and Phuc Hoa is being completed the final items.

According to the district people’s committee, thanks to consensus of local people, the district has constructed and improved 20 communal culture houses, 241 village culture houses and 136 sport complexes meeting demands for entertainment, improving health and cultural activities.

We visited Phuc Hoa commune, the capital of early ripen lychee in the district with 620 hectares. Each lychee tree here is estimated to gain from 2 to 5 million VND (86 to 214 USD) per year. However, local people were ready to donate hundreds of lychee trees and ten thousands metre square of land for the constructions when local government planned to expand the roads.

This time, the streets in Cao Thuong and Nha Nam townships have been embellished with paved sidewalks. The district routes from Cao Thuong to Phuc Hoa and Hop Duc, from Phuc Hoa to Lien Son, National Highway No 17 and Nha Nam and many branch lines have been completed.

Specially, the National Highway No 17 running through the locality is being accelerating for expansion. Together with other provincial routes, National Highway No 17 will contribute to fostering socio-economic development of the district.

Making breakthroughs in building new-style rural district

According to Dao Thu Phuong, Head of the Division of Agriculture and Rural Development of Tan Yen district, the district has spent major resources for rural traffic construction because it is defined a breakthrough in building new-style rural areas which greatly drives local socio-economic development.

The total fund for building new-style rural areas in Tan Yen district from 2011 to March 2020 is more than 3.66 trillion VND (155 million USD) including 295.8 billion VND (12.7 million USD) from Central state budget, 1.66 trillion VND (71.3 million USD) from donation of the community, enterprises and donors and the rest budget from provincial, district and communal budgets and other resources.

So far, the district has hardened more than 1,200 kilometres among some 1,500 kilometres of rural traffic roads, up 43.7 percent against 10 years ago. Besides, the district hardened more than 315 kilometres out of 417.23 kilometres of the main infield roads in which concreting some 109 kilometres for farm production.

As defining economic development and improving people’s living standard as the core factor contributing to sustainable poverty eradication, the district has paid special attention to exploiting its potentials and advantages to develop agriculture and boost investment attraction in industrial and trade services.

The district has provided a number of policies to encourage concentrated commodity farm production while joining hands with enterprises in farm production and consumption. As a result, more than 20 enterprises and cooperatives collaborate in production and consumption in the district annually.

The locality has established and expanded the fruit orchards in the communes of Phuc Hoa, Hop Duc and Lien Chung and planned to put early ripen lychee, longan, grape fruit, star apple and guava into concentrated production in large scale applied clean production procedures with more than 3,400 hectares.

Regarding livestock and aquaculture, the district is home to 60 farm cooperatives and 381 complex farms earning revenues of over 1.5 billion VND (64,500 USD) per each farm annually.

The district established 7 key and signature products including Tan Yen peanut, Phuc Hoa early ripen lychee, Tan Yen clean pork, Chau Son rice noodle, Tan Yen star apple, guava and onion and expanded the consumption market.

The total production value of the economic sectors reached nearly 13 trillion VND (560 million USD) in 2019. In which, the industrial production and construction value was 4.9 trillion VND (210.6 million USD), up 347.8 percent compared to 2011. The district attracted 51 investment projects in garment, electronic components, construction materials and mechanics creating jobs for about 8,500 labourers.

The above-mentioned results have contributed to enhancing per capita income in the rural areas of the district which is estimated at 41.3 million VND (1,774 USD) in 2020, up more than 60 percent against 2011 while the poverty rate fell to 1.68 percent.

After 10 years, Tan Yen district has fulfilled all of 9 criteria for new style rural district creating a new face in the land of Cau Vong.

The working delegation of the Central Coordinator Office visited to inspect and verified that Tan Yen meeting conditions to request for recognition of a new style rural district.

PPC Secretary Bui Van Hai urges Lang Giang district to pay attention to traffic connection, leverage new style rural district
(BGO)- The provincial Standing Party Committee of Bac Giang province had a meeting on 3 March with the Standing Party Committee of Lang Giang district on implementation of the district’s political duties in the term of 2015 to 2020 and preparation for the ongoing party congress at all levels. Bui Van Hai, member of the Central Party Committee, Secretary of Bac Giang provincial Party Committee (PPC), Chairman of the provincial People’s Council of Bac Giang province chaired the meeting.
Prime Minister recognizes Lang Giang as new style rural district
(BGO) – On December 25, the Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue, Head of the Steering Board for the National Target Programme on behalf of the Prime Minister signed the Decision to recognize Lang Giang (Bac  Giang province) as new style rural district in 2019.
Cam Giang recognised as Hai Duong province’s first rural district
Deputy PM Vuong Dinh Hue attended a ceremony on December 16 to award a certificate recognizing Cam Giang as the first district of the northern province of Hai Duong to meet the new rural standards.
Bac Giang has first new-style rural district
Viet Yen has become the first district in the northern province of Bac Giang to earn the status of a new-style rural district, in 2018, two years ahead of schedule.  
Viet Yen strives for exemplary new rural district
(BGO) – The 22nd Congress’s  Resolution of the Party Committee, tenure 2015 - 2020 in Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province set the target to obtain the new-style rural district status by 2020. After half of the execution path, 17 out of 17 communes met the standard. As the result, on November 8, 2018, the Government Prime Minister inked the decision recognizing Viet Yen as a new rural district. 

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Cau Vong land, new face, Bac Giang province, new-style rural areas, socio-economic infrastructure, people’s living standard, electric lighting system, health and cultural activities
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