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Bac Giang youth starts up on homeland

(BGO) – Recently, the youth union at all levels in Bac Giang province have had many solutions and creative ideas to promote the emulative movements in youth startup, helping the youngsters gain more knowledge to own the business model and confidently affirm themselves.

Tapping local advantages

In 2018, the provincial Youth Union launched programme “Bac Giang youth start up in period 2018 - 2022” as the key task of the tenure. Responding to the programme, many youths in the province have boldly established their business, developed economy basing on the local advantages to overcome the life challenges.

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Duong Trong Bang (left), owner of the French breed pigeon farming model in Thuong Lan commune (Viet Yen district).

Typically, Duong Trong Bang (born in 1990), Secretary of Youth Union in Nguon village, Thuong Lan commune (Viet Yen district) is technician at Foxconn Precision Electronics Company Limited (Dinh Tram Industrial Park). After visiting a youth model in Luc Nam district, Bang is interested in French breed pigeon farm.

In 2018, he decided to invest in building and installing 150 square meters of farm to raise this breed of pigeon by his savings, loan of 100 million VND (4,300 USD) with preferential interest from Capital source to support youth startup managed by the provincial Youth Union...

In spite of the careful preparation, Bang faced to several difficulties. In the first two months, many pigeon died of bad weather condition and disease. Thanks to the encouragement from the relatives and families, he continued studying the farming technique from others to deeply understand the breed character.

He bought more blowers, installed temperature resistant plate, cleaned up the farm, provided more minerals to increase the pigeon resistance. With 700 pairs of pigeon, now Bang sells 10 litters of commodity pigeon to gain benefit of 10 million VND (431 USD) for each.

Similarly, Diep Van Doan (born in 1995) in Xe Moi village, Thanh Hai commune (Luc Ngan district) grows hundreds of pomelo and orange trees to earn hundreds of million VND annually.

In 2016, he started growing citrus fruits. After studying several models and applying the knowledge learnt at Industrial Technology College (Ministry of Industry and Trade) in Tran Nguyen Han ward (Bac Giang city), Doan invested in drip dropping system and several new technologies in cultivating and caring for the crops.

To date, his citrus orchard has covered 3 ha and created job to 5 local labourers.

Creating the emulative driving force

The province now has more than 300 good youth economic models with average income of over 200 million VND per year. Many ideas are highly applicable such as growing forest vegetable of Bo khai under organic method, producing safe sprouts with hi-tech application.

Bac Giang youth, starts up, homeland, Bac Giang province, youth union,  creative ideas, emulative movements, business model, local advantages

Truong Dinh Tung (Luc Nam district) nurtures freshwater pearl oyster.

To inspire the youth, the Youth Union at all levels have actively renovated the operational content and method to become a bridge to help them approach to suitable job and preferential loan. The youth union at the districts and city have proposed many creative ideas that suit to local situation to support the youth startup.

Particularly, the youth union in Hiep Hoa district established the club of young businessmen that draws several owners of enterprises and factories to help each other in term of capital and market. Meanwhile, the youth union in Lang Giang, Yen Dung and Luc Nam district coordinated with the Bank for Social Policies to support the youth in making loan for economic development.

To date, 117 youths and groups of youth in the province have accessed to the capital from the preferential credit programme to support Bac Giang youth’s startup and National Fund for Job via the Center Youth Union.

For recent 5 years, the provincial Youth Union has consecutively organized contest of creative startup ideas attracting hundreds of youth, detecting many effective economic models to create jobs to regular and seasonal workers in the local areas.

According to the Secretary of the provincial Youth Union Than Trung Kien, the provincial Youth Union continues instructing the lower units to further launch the contests of creative startup ideas; supply the information, experience and basic skill of project execution to the youngsters.

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Bac Giang youth, starts up, homeland, Bac Giang province, youth union, creative ideas, emulative movements, business model, local advantages
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