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Bac Giang: Enterprises "thirsty" for unskilled workers

(BGO) - At this time, although the Covid-19 pandemic remains complicated in many places, the operation of enterprises in the province is basically stable. Statistics showed that the demand for unskilled workers increased while the supply failed to meet the demand. This fact has created a competition in the labour market, thus expanding job opportunities for employees and forcing employers to take many preferential policies to attract workers.

High demand

According to statistics of the provincial Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, the province has more than 6,500 active enterprises, employing nearly 273,000 workers, of which nearly 400 enterprises with 163,600 workers are operating in industrial zones. The provincial Job Placement Center forecast that in 2021, the province needs to recruit more than 110,000 workers, an increase of 122 percent compared to 2020. 

Bac Giang, Enterprises, unskilled workers

Staff of the provincial Job Placement Center offers employment consultations for jobseekers.

Tran Van Quang, head of the centre’s employment consultancy and introduction division, said: "At this time, the unit has accepted the recruitment registration of 89 enterprises in the province, Bac Ninh and Hanoi with a total of 10,000 vacancies. Particularly in the first quarter of this year, enterprises need about 35,000 laborers, mainly unskilled workers, in the electronics and garment industries".

After efforts to maintain jobs and income for laborers amid the impact of Covid-19, right after stabilizing production, Fuhong Precision Component Co., Ltd. (under Hon Hai Technology Group) has a demand of recruiting 10,000 unskilled workers serving its production expansion. Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen, staff of the company's HR division, said: "In order to increase recruitment efficiency, we have coordinated with the job placement centers of Bac Giang and Bac Ninh provinces to organize job bazaars. In addition, the company has also hung a large-size recruitment notice at the gate of the head office and posted recruitment information on social networks such as Facebook and Zalo. We also have the policy of giving bonus for workers who encourage their relatives and friends to apply for jobs".

Increasing job opportunities for workers

Talking about the fact that "demand" increases, "supply" decreases, especially at the beginning of the year, Nguyen Van Hue, Director of the provincial Job Placement Center, said that this has more or less affected production and business activities, particularly amid the pandemic. However, this is still a good sign of the labor market in recent years as businesses will be forced to compete to attract new employees and keep the current ones with incentives. At the same time, there will be no longer the situations that enterprises fire middle-aged workers to replace them with young ones or workers switch their jobs at the end and in the beginning of the year. In addition, when there is an urgent need for workers, many students will have opportunities to practice and work part-time to increase income and accumulate experience.

Bac Giang, Enterprises, unskilled workers

Samkwang Vina Co., Ltd., based in the Quang Chau Industrial Park,) has always paid attention to workers' life.

Defining good treatment as a long-term policy to recruit employees and motivate them to attach to the company for a long time, since coming into operation in October 2018, Samkwang Vina Co., Ltd., based in the Quang Chau Industrial Park,) has always paid attention to workers' life. After the Lunar New Year holiday, the company needs to recruit an additional 1,500 workers to run the next phase of the plant. Besides calling on its current employees to persuade their friends and relatives to apply, the company leaders decided to coordinate with the job placement centers in Lang Son and Ha Giang provinces to find workers.

Nguyen Van Hue added: "In 2021, the unit will organize 67 periodical, mobile, online and thematic job transaction sessions, striving to provide job consultations and opportunities for more than 81,000 workers. At the same time, it is applying information technology in the process of gathering information on, analyzing and forecasting labour demand and supply, while increasing staff for its two representative offices in Tan Yen and Luc Nam districts. In 2021, we strive to organize a job bazaar every month in industrial zones and clusters; and increase online transaction sessions with 26 northern provinces and cities to expand recruitment and employment opportunities for both enterprises and workers”.

In the coming time, the province’s labor, invalids and social affairs sector will continue to direct the replication of on-the-job training models.

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Bac Giang, Enterprises, unskilled workers
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