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Permanent Vice Chairman of provincial People's Committee Mai Son: Taking people and businesses as the center of digital transformation

(BGO) - Digital transformation is an inevitable trend, opening up many opportunities and strongly impacting all areas of socio-economic life, but also posing numerous challenges. Realizing that, Bac Giang province has identified the advantages and disadvantages, put forth solutions, and been determined to take the lead in this process. Permanent Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Mai Son gave an interview to Bac Giang Newspaper regarding this issue.

How should we see digital transformation?

After the 13th National Party Congress, the first Minister that Bac Giang invited to visit the locality was the Minister of Information and Communication, and the content of the working session was digital transformation. 

That showed the provincial leaders’ high determination in digital transformation. Because digital transformation is an inevitable trend and is a new field that we need to make the most of to improve our competitiveness and make breakthroughs, toward becoming one of the top localities nationwide in many spheres.

Permanent Vice Chairman, Bac Giang province, People's Committee, Mai Son, digital transformation, socio-economic life

Permanent Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Mai Son.

Digital transformation is a process of inclusive and comprehensive change. It must take people and businesses as the center. 

All activities of the administration must target people and businesses. In the immediate future, we should focus resources on providing the best, fastest and most convenient online public services for people and businesses; supporting small and medium enterprises to go digital as much and quickly as possible.

The province has set a target of becoming a leading locality nationwide in digital transformation. So, what difficulties and challenges does Bac Giang face with this political determination?

Bac Giang sets a target of having its economy in the top 15 leading provinces and cities in the country by 2025. It also strives to be in the top 15 nationwide in terms of digital transformation by 2025 and in the top 10 five years later.

However, Bac Giang has faced many obstacles in the implementation process. The province ranked only 29 out of 63 provinces and cities in information technology application in 2020. Its digital infrastructure has not been completed yet, while information security has not been given adequate attention. The province still sees a shortage of IT human resources and the workforce quality is yet to meet requirements ... In particular, many other localities are also very determined to be leaders in digital transformation to increase competitiveness and especially attract investment.

Permanent Vice Chairman, Bac Giang province, People's Committee, Mai Son, digital transformation, socio-economic life

Permanent Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Mai Son and a leader of VNPT Vietnam Group sign a cooperation agreement on telecommunications, information technology, e-government building, digital transformation and building civilised urban areas for the 2021-2025 period.

Those are the fundamental difficulties and challenges facing our province in realizing the goal of being one of the top localities in the country in digital transformation.

As I know, the provincial Party Committee will issue a thematic resolution on digital transformation. So what fields will be prioritized and why?

The draft thematic resolution on digital transformation was discussed by the Standing Board of the provincial Party Committee at a conference in April 2021 and is expected to be approved by the provincial Party Committee in May 2021. The draft resolution focuses on building tasks and solutions on three main pillars of digital transformation: digital government, digital economy and digital society. Of which, a number of areas will be prioritized for digital transformation.

The selection of priority fields for digital transformation must pay attention to creating breakthrough developments and bringing values to people and businesses. They must have competitive advantages in the province and prove effective immediately for the society, bringing in great values. Therefore, the province has chosen eight priority areas for digital transformation: health, education, transport and logistics, natural resources and the environment, agriculture, industry, tourism and journalism.

What are major tasks and solutions to promote digital transformation in the coming time?

The draft resolution on digital transformation sets out nine groups of tasks and solutions, with the major ones as follows:

Permanent Vice Chairman, Bac Giang province, People's Committee, Mai Son, digital transformation, socio-economic life

The Yen Dung Clean Vegetable Cooperative applies product traceability technology.

The heads of the Party committees and authorities at all levels must be directly responsible for the results of digital transformation in agencies, units, organizations, fields and areas of their charge; and take the pioneering and leading role in digital transformation to improve the leadership, direction and administration of their localities and units.

The province will develop mechanisms and policies to promote digital transformation in the province; boost the development of human resources to serve the process.

It will develop digital infrastructure and digital platforms; build and develop applications on mobile devices for people and businesses to use conveniently in making transactions with the authorities and looking up information.

The province will ensure resources for digital transformation. Each year, it will allocate at least 2 percent of total budget for regular spending to implement activities, programmes, schemes and projects for smart city building and digital transformation.

Thank you very much!

Trinh Lan

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(BGO) - A delegation from the Ministry of Information and Communications led by Deputy Director in charge of its Department of Computerization Dang Cong Anh had a working session with the People's Committee of Bac Giang province to help the province with the successful implementation of the National Digital Transformation Programme by 2025, with a vision to 2030. Permanent Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Mai Son hosted the delegation.
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Permanent Vice Chairman, Bac Giang province, People's Committee, Mai Son, digital transformation, socio-economic life
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