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Bac Giang approves for 42 businesses to restart operation with isolated workers

(BGO) – Implementing the Plan No.213 of Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee (PPC) about re-organizing the production of enterprises in the industrial parks (IP), after actual inspection and verification, the Industrial Park Management Board has allowed 42 businesses to resume operation since May 26.

They are located at the IPs of Van Trung, Quang Chau, Dinh Tram and Song Khe – Noi Hoang with total registered workers of 7,538.

Bac Giang province, 42 businesses, restart operation, isolated workers, Covid-19 pandemic, Industrial Park

Fuhong Precision Component Bac Giang Co.,Ltd erects the grid panels and plastic curtains to separate the production regions for disease prevention.

By June 7 morning, 6 companies with 7 projects resumed operation, including New Wing Interconnect Technology Co.,Ltd (Van Trung IP); Fuhong Precision Component Bac Giang Co.,Ltd (Dinh Tram IP and Block P in Quang Chau IP); Fuyu Precision Technology Co.,Ltd, New Hope Co.,Ltd, Hope Special Zone Co.,Ltd and Si Flex Vietnam Co.,Ltd (Quang Chau IP).

New Hope Co.,Ltd has fewest labourers of 24 people while New Wing Interconnect Technology Co.,Ltd has biggest number of nearly 1,300 workers.

These enterprises follow strict business and production programmes with serious preventive regulations inside the factories. Currently, they have arranged the accommodation and canteen for workers at their own apartments and areas which are separated from outside environment. Some firms revamped their factories, bought living utensils such as beds, blankets, curtains, pillows, arrange their workers to stay at the companies.

Recently, 35 working groups of the province have highly focused on reviewing and inspecting the remaining companies’ programmes to ensure safe production at the IP so as to guide the procedure for business re-organization.


Minh Linh
Industrial park closures cost epicenter Bac Giang $86 million a day
The latest Covid-19 outbreak is inflicting a daily loss of VND2 trillion (over $86 mln) in industrial production and causing 140,000 employees to miss work in Covid-19 hotspot Bac Giang.
9 businesses in Bac Giang’s industrial parks resume operation
(BGO) -  The Industrial Park Management Board (IPMB) in Bac Giang province on May 28 and 29 issued document to agree with the policy to allow 9 businesses in the industrial parks (IP) in Viet Yen district to resume operation in line with the provincial People’s Committee’s Plan No.213 after the suspension period for Covid-19 prevention and control. 
First day of temporary closure of four industrial parks: Enterprises strictly comply with the regulation
(BGO) – On May 18, the first day of temporary closure of four industrial parks (IP) of Van Trung, Quang Chau, Dinh Tram and Song Khe – Noi Hoang as wel as social isolation at Viet Yen district and three communes of Yen Dung district, the relevant sectors and local authority focused on instructing and requesting the investors to IPs and enterprises to seriously follow the regulation. 
Vietnam's industrial production grows despite pandemic
The production of key industrial products, except mining activities, have continued to maintain good growth momentum in the first five months of this year despite the Covid-19 pandemic’s hit to industrial parks in the provinces of Bac Giang and Bac Ninh.
Guard rails installed at Expressway passing Van Trung and Quang Chau industrial parks
(BGO) – To prevent the workers and pedestrians from crossing over Hanoi – Bac Giang Expressway, BOT Hanoi – Bac Giang Investment Joint Stock Company has installed steel grid guard rails at both sides and in the middle of median strip at the section from Quang Chau industrial park to Van Trung industrial park (Viet Yen district). 
Bac Giang province, 42 businesses, restart operation, isolated workers, Covid-19 pandemic, Industrial Park
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