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Each business acts as fortress against pandemic

(BGO) – With a bold decision to quickly recover the industrial production and ensure pandemic safety, Bac Giang province has handled some important issues in the short run. However, the province needs more solutions so as each business and industrial park (IP) can move toward sustainable and stable development. 

More challenges resist

According to Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Le Anh Duong, the province realized the model of business in the IP to operate and ensure disease safety amid the complicated development of Covid-19 pandemic. They resume operation only after screening and welcoming “disease free” workers back to work, which contributed to implement the duo target of “disease prevention and control and socio-economic development”.

Each business, Bac Giang province, fortress against pandemic, Covid-19 pandemic, Industrial park, and stable development

The provincial multi-sectorial inspection group inspects the disease safe condition at Luxshare – ICT Company Limited in Quang Chau Industrial Park.

The model proved for its high capability to prevent the infection as the fortress against pandemic. However, there are many difficulties during implementation.

As of June 19, the provincial Working Group verified and accepted 140 enterprises with more than 22,000 labourers to be qualified to resume operation as reported by the provincial IP Management Board. However, only half of them actually operated again with 12,000 employees.

Many qualified companies could not resume production because few labourers registered to come back work, making low work efficiency. Typically, Siflex Vietnam Company Limited in Quang Chau IP need 870 workers but only 500 people came back work; only about 1,600 out of 5,000 workers on demand registered to work at Fuhong Precision Component Vietnam Company Limited in June...

Apart from the difficulties in term of labourers, businesses also encounter several condition to ensure disease safety to stablize the production.

Government’s assistance and enterprises’ activeness

After over one month of general offensive, Bac Giang managed to narrow the scope of pandemic impact toward complete controlling over it. Now, the province is preparing to enter new normal stage so it is necessary to have immediate and long term solutions in the IP.

Each business, Bac Giang province, fortress against pandemic, Covid-19 pandemic, Industrial park, and stable development

Entering new stage, Bac Giang province builds Action Plan to take great effort as the general offensive against the pandemic. The province must prevent the disease and concentrate on development to recover the growth. To realize this target, the localities should research to work out suitable solutions to the actual situation. The provincial IP Management Board should well coordinate to businesses to make a close procedure for workers coming back work safely to ensure the human resource for businesses with resumed production...

Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Duong Van Thai

To solve the maths on human resources at the moment, the businesses were recommended to research and link to companies in charge of caring for workers in term of accommodation and other conditions. At the same time, the relevant localities, departments and sectors should focus on propaganda, support and facilitate workers to test and vaccinate against Covid-19 before coming back work.

The government should focus on disease prevention and control in the IP while the businesses take care of production and ensure condition for disease preventive measure inside their factories as well as develop the role of internal Covid team to quickly handle any circumstance.

Long term solution is to speed up progress of worker housing project to ensure to settle down, easily control over the disease for the labour. It also contributes to enhancing the competitiveness and investment attraction for the province.

Each business, Bac Giang province, fortress against pandemic, Covid-19 pandemic, Industrial park, and stable development

Workers at New Wing Interconnect Technology Bac Giang Company Limited in Van Trung Industrial Park work at the factory.

Besides, to help business overcome the hard time, the government should consider solutions on capital, bank debt relief and tax payment expansion. The authority and competent agencies need to organize regular meeting to listen to businesses’ proposals to help them solve the problems while enhancing inspection and instruction the firms when they resume the operation to complete the model of safe business and IP amid Covid-19 pandemic to satisfy the requirement of socio-economic development now and later.

The province has implemented synchronous solutions to restructure the production inside and outside the IP so as to make each company a fortress against pandemic, the whole IP a giant fortress to successfully overcome the storm and contribute to the provincial socio-economic growth.


Bac Giang timely handles obstacles for business to resume operation
(BGO) – Implementing “duo target” of disease prevention and prodution, the Industrial Park Management Board (IPMB) in Bac Giang province and several districts have focused on reviewing to promptly allow businesses with qualified disease preventive condition to resume operation.
Bac Giang approves for 42 businesses to restart operation with isolated workers
(BGO) – Implementing the Plan No.213 of Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee (PPC) about re-organizing the production of enterprises in the industrial parks (IP), after actual inspection and verification, the Industrial Park Management Board has allowed 42 businesses to resume operation since May 26.
Businesses seek to buy Covid-19 vaccines for employees
Enterprises in Vietnam are searching for Covid-19 vaccines sources through authorities and qualified suppliers to inoculate their workers.
Bac Giang creates favorable conditions for businesses to resume operations in safe conditions
(BGO) - On the afternoon of June 1, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Vietnam Park Noh-wan visited Bac Giang province and had a working session with local leaders on the difficulties the RoK businesses are facing in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic.
Bac Giang allows 11 businesses to resume operation
(BGO) – Since May 28 till now (June 1), the Industrial Park Management Board in Bac Giang province has allowed 11 businesses with 12 projects in the industrial parks (IP) in Viet Yen district to resume operation in line with the Plan No.213 issued by the provincial People’s Committee (PPC) after actual inspection and verification of document about disease prevention and control programme to ensure safety.
Each business, Bac Giang province, fortress against pandemic, Covid-19 pandemic, Industrial park, and stable development
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