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Protecting anti-pandemic achievements, focusing on socio-economic development

(BGO) - After nearly 2 months of implementing drastic and synchronous measures, Bac Giang has controlled the Covid-19 pandemic. What lessons have been learned from epidemic prevention and control? What to do to maintain the achievements and speed up socio-economic development?

"The fastest spreading, the most complicated developments, and the widest area" was what medical experts mentioned the fourth wave of Covid-19 outbreaks in Bac Giang. After nearly 2 months, the province recorded nearly 5,700 infection cases (F0), nearly 30,000 F1 (people who have close contact with F0), and more than 106,000 F2 (people who have close contact with F1).

Bac Giang province, anti-pandemic achievements, socio-economic development, drastic and synchronous measures, Covid-19 pandemic, medical facilities

The production line of Fuhong Company (Dinh Tram Industrial Park) is resumed.

In order to screen such a record number of Fs, the province rapidly deployed tracing and testing with timely support from many forces throughout the country and maximum mobilization of local forces. As soon as the test results were available, the tracing forces raced against the time to take F0 cases to medical facilities for treatment as well as put F1s in quarantine.

To relieve pressure on treatment, the special task force of the Ministry of Health in Bac Giang advised the province to apply the "three-layer tower" model. Accordingly, the province took advantage of its available infrastructure to set up 18 official hospitals and field hospitals to receive patients after they were classified from ‘asymptomatic’ to ‘severe’. 

This was a new model applied for the first time in Bac Giang, well responding to the progress of the epidemic. The treatment became more active and effective. Up to now, nearly 4,000 patients have been discharged from hospitals, accounting for more than 70 percent of the province's infections.

The province had to perform three very important, new and urgent tasks at the same time, including preparing and organizing the elections of deputies to the 15th National Assembly and People's Councils at all levels for the 2021 – 2026 tenure amid the complicated developments of the disease; putting all-out efforts to stamp out the pandemic; and implementing all measures to support the sale of agricultural products, and maintain and restore production in the context of the epidemic.

The province determined that, if it set the only goal of fighting the epidemic at all costs, disregarding other goals, the epidemic would probably be stamped out a little faster, but it would result in long-lasting socio-economic consequences, especially in social security.

Therefore, after 14 days of suspending four industrial zones, causing more than 350 businesses to stop operating and about 140,000 workers to be jobless, the province implemented the model of "pandemic combat for production, production for pandemic control", with working groups set up to support production. So far 228 enterprises with 55,400 employees have been allowed to resume production.

The province requested focusing on protecting lychee areas from Covid-19. It proposed the Government direct localities to open "green lanes" for lychee and not to ban trading of agricultural products; organize online trade promotions and expand distribution channels, especially e-commerce channels. Thanks to this method, more than 210,000 tonnes of lychee and thousands of tonnes of other agricultural products were sold smoothly.

With the motto of “leaving no one behind and fighting the epidemic hand in hand with ensuring social security”, the local authorities and mass organizations have persuaded businesses and benefactors to support food, foodstuffs and necessities for people and workers facing difficulties during the quarantine and lockdown periods through 29 "zero-dong supermarkets" and other forms of supply.

Bac Giang province, anti-pandemic achievements, socio-economic development, drastic and synchronous measures, Covid-19 pandemic, medical facilities

An industrial park worker gets Covid-19 vaccine shot.

The Covid-19 outbreaks in Bac Giang have so far been controlled. One of the lessons learned by the province is to closely follow the direction of the Government and the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control, and at the same time closely assess the real situation to take creative and flexible response measures drastically.

Other lessons are promoting the spirit of solidarity, joint efforts and consensus of the whole political system, business community and all people; upholding the pioneering and exemplary spirit of cadres and Party members, especially leaders; taking advantage of the support from the upper level, other provinces, cities and people across the country; and well implementing the "four-on-the-spot" plan.

With the epidemic brought under control, Bac Giang has switched to the "new normal state" from the beginning of July. To maintain its anti-epidemic achievements, the provincial Party Committee requested Party committees and authorities, Fatherland Front committees and mass organizations at all levels to raise the sense of responsibility and absolutely not to be negligent, subjective and satisfied with the initial results achieved; continue to identify Covid-19 prevention and control as a top and important task, creating a premise for rebooting production, business and socio-economic development activities.


Tran Duc
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Bac Giang province, anti-pandemic achievements, socio-economic development, drastic and synchronous measures, Covid-19 pandemic, medical facilities
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