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Bac Giang focuses on cleaning environment as pandemic shrinks

(BGO) - After nearly two months of the Covid-19 outbreak, Bac Giang province has basically controlled the pandemic, with the number of infection (F0) cases dropping sharply and tens of thousands of F1 cases (people with close contact with F0) completing quarantine. Relevant agencies and localities are focusing on cleaning up the environment, especially in residential areas under lockdown and industrial parks, to create a safe environment for production and business activities and people's lives.

Spraying disinfectant as soon as quarantine is over

Viet Yen district was the epicenter of the province during the past outbreak. It had 62 concentrated quarantine areas for F1 cases. By the end of July 6, the locality had cleared 13 sites which are kindergartens, primary schools, and junior high schools. 

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The relevant forces disinfect Viet Tien Primary School (Viet Yen) as soon as the quarantine period is over.

Implementing the motto "controlling the pandemic for production, promoting production for pandemic control" by the provincial People's Committee, the district is focusing on environment clean-up campaign, mainly in quarantine sites, industrial zones and clusters, boarding houses, densely populated areas, and roads.

Nearly a month ago, there were about 120 F1 cases under quarantine at Viet Tien Primary School and Viet Tien Kindergarten. Immediately after the F1 cases returned to their families, the cleaning teams sprayed disinfectant from the gate to each classroom, cleaned the rooms and school yard, and collected hazardous waste for treatment.

Determining that the environment clean-up will help control the disease well, along with disinfecting quarantine areas, Viet Yen district directed the communes to clean up the environment in the whole locality. Nguyen Van Manh, Chairman of Hong Thai communal People's Committee, said: "the communal People's Committee has established three teams to spray disinfectant at more than 250 boarding houses, many motels and village roads, alleys and houses".

Not only Viet Yen, other districts like Luc Nam, Yen The, Tan Yen, Yen Dung and Lang Giang have also focused highly on cleaning up the environment. In Lang Giang district, by the end of July 6, four out of 18 concentrated quarantine sites had been cleared.

Right after the quarantine period was over, the teams in charge of the quarantine areas have begun to spray disinfectant. In industrial zones, the province has organized chemical spraying to clean the environment before businesses resume operations. All enterprises strictly implemented environmental sanitation, periodically spraying chemicals inside and outside the factories every 3-5 days. Garbage has been collected according to regulations.

Sweeping away pathogens

According to the authorities, at the peak time, the whole province had 326 concentrated quarantine areas and the figure dropped to 259 areas by the end of July 6. Vu Van Tuong, Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment, said that when there are any quarantine sites cleared, relevant forces and localities clean up there immediately to prevent pathogens from spreading.

Bac Giang province, cleaning environment, pandemic shrinks, Covid-19 pandemic, Covid-19 outbreak, lockdown,  industrial parks

The relevant forces of Lang Giang district clean the environment at the Kep Kindergarten after it finishes serving as a quarantine site.

For medical centers that were used as Covid-19 treatment hospitals, the Department of Health has guided them to clean the environment according to regulations in order to provide medical examination and treatment for people as before. Unlike normal environmental sanitation, the disinfection of areas where F1 and F0 cases ever stayed has been closely directed by the health sector. Accordingly, each area is disinfected 3-5 times, with certain intervals. All hazardous waste is collected and transported for treatment. Glass doors, utensils and floors are cleaned.

In order to carry out the campaign to clean up the environment, districts and city have developed specific plans, in which tasks are assigned to communes, wards, townships, and leaders of quarantine sites.

At the same time, they have arranged machinery, tools, supplies and chemicals and mobilized all human resources and means for disinfecting; set up teams to disinfect all households in crowded residential areas, streets, alleys, quarantine areas and boarding houses, ensuring once a day from June 22.

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Bac Giang province, cleaning environment, pandemic shrinks, Covid-19 pandemic, Covid-19 outbreak, lockdown, industrial parks
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