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Luc Nam focuses on planning to create foundation for investment attraction and development

(BGO) – Luc Nam district is defined as the key area for industry, trade, service and urban development in the East of Bac Giang province. To realize this target, the district has highly focused on plan completion, investment attraction with first priority taken to mobilize all sources for infrastructure construction. 

Optimum plan

Luc Nam boasts enough potentials and key factors to be one of the economic, industrial, agricultural production center with high quality product as well as urban and eco-tourism hub in the province. The district’s advantage is the location as the linkage area to the provinces of Lang Son, Hai Duong, Quang Ninh and provincial districts with various traffic systems of road, river and rail to connect the localities in and outside the province.

Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province, focuses on planning, create foundation, investment attraction and development

The linkage road between national road No.31 and 37 is constructed to open new development space for the district.


According to Giap Van On, Vice Chairman of the district People’s Committee (PPC), to specify the Resolution at the 22nd district Party Congress, tenure 2020 – 2025, the district has focused and prioritized the planning task.

Accordingly, Luc Nam construction plan with ratio 1/25,000 was approved in late 2020 with the scale of over 608 square km. It borders to Huu Lung district (Lang Son province) to the North, Chi Linh city (Hai Duong province) and Dong Trieu city (Quang Ninh province) to the South, Luc Ngan and Son Dong districts to the East, Lang Giang and Yen Dung districts to the West.

Luc Nam orients to develop the space toward 4 axes, including national road No.31 from Phuong Son commune to Tien Nha commune (urban, service, trade, tourism and industrial development in West – East orientation); national road No.37 from Dan Hoi commune to Thanh Lam commune (industrial, agriculture and urban development in South West – North East); provincial road No.293 from Lan Mau commune to Binh Son commune (urban, industrial and tourism development from West to East); alongside Luc Nam river in North West – South East (river transportation and construction material development).

Infrastructure synchronization, improvement of investment and business environment

For recent years, many projects have been executed in Luc Nam district, helping dramatically change the infrastructure, sharply develop the industry, traffic network and urban area...

Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province, focuses on planning, create foundation, investment attraction and development

The residential area No.2 in Doi Ngo town is constructed modernly.

The project of linkage road from national road No.31 to No.37 gradually creates “a passing belt” for Doi Ngo town and Chu Dien commune.

According to the district Construction and Investment Project Management Board, the whole route stretches nearly 3km with total width of 38m, asphalt concrete surface of 12m (first stage), modern water drainage system and lighting system.

Its total investment is nearly 80 billion VND (3.47 million USD) from district budget. Currently, the contractors have promptly accelerated the basement construction to strive to complete this year end to open new development space for the locality.

The project of residential area No.2 implemented by Detechland Property Joint Stock Company in Doi Ngo town is a highlight point in urban development which invested to build synchronous technical and social infrastructure.

Nguyen Van Hung, Detechland’s project official said: “The project is totally invested with over 227 billion VND (9.86 million USD) in an area of 19.7 ha to create new living space and beautify the urban for the town and Luc Nam district”.

The district has implemented several projects with deep impact on the district development and economic restructure such as Bac Giang Golf and Resort project in Kham Lang, Chu Dien and Yen Son communes with total investment of over 740 billion VND; Bac Lung – Yen Son urban and industrial area project with the scale of more than 600ha; the belt road No.5 project in capital region...

At the same time, the district has constructed urban and new residential areas in the communes of Yen Son, Lan Mau, Kham Lang, Chu Dien....

Particularly in 2021, Luc Nam district has mobilized more than 445 billion VND for basic construction to execute 130 projects.

“During investment attraction, the district determines not to exchange environment for economic development. Local authority prioritizes businesses with modern technology investing in industry, high tech agriculture, infrastructure of industrial clusters and areas, traffic, urban, service and tourism.... The district continues instructing to improve the business and investment environment, renovate the working method, accelerate the administrative reform to facilitate the locals and enterprises”, said Giap Van On.


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Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province, focuses on planning, create foundation, investment attraction and development
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