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Strictly preventive measures done at businesses resuming production in industrial parks

(BGO) – All businesses in the industrial parks (IP) in Bac Giang province strive to resume operation from now on till the end of July. To gradually stabilize the production, the enterprises must strictly implement disease preventive measures both inside and outside the workshop.

Avoiding “gap” in disease prevention and control

At the working session in early July with Viet Yen district People’s Committee, provincial Industrial Park Management Board (IPMB) and local firms, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Le Anh Duong clarified: “If business makes a mistake in disease prevention and control, the disease will attack to that one”.

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Crystal Martin Vietnam Co.,Ltd resumes operation.

Actually, local companies had costly lessons learnt due to the “gap” existed in the combat against the disease. The businesses resuming production need to renovate the production organization in close attachment with disease preventive measures at all stages.

They have carefully conducted each step of production and followed disease prevention and control. Typically, Vietnam Hope Special Zone Animal Food Company Limited in Quang Chau IP has built strict management model for over one month after resuming the production amid the complicated development of Covid-19. All workers are provided accommodation at the company.

According to the provincial industrial park Management Board, as of July 11, 263 businesses with nearly 83,000 labourers resumed operation, accounting for over 77 percent of the total enterprises halted in May.

Similarly, Crystal Martin Vietnam Co.,Ltd in Quang Chau IP has called back 4,000 out of 10,000 labourers. It also arranges centralized accommodation for labourers and pick-up buses for workers living in far distance while checking temperature for the employees, making daily declaration...

Before officially resuming production, all firms in local IPs re-organized the production and business model in close attachment to pandemic preventive measures.

Now at normal operation condition, apart from the labours staying at the companies, many of them go to work by individual vehicles with “2 places, 1 route” principle. Covid safety team was established at the enterprises following new model to timely supervise and detect any suspected case to handle and avoid outbreak.

Resuming activities with Covid-19 test for the first 2 months

As of July 11, 263 businesses in the province resumed operation with nearly 83,000 labours. As the local regulation, workers in the “green lane” do not have their samples tested to SARS -CoV-2 at their localities but companies.

Strictly preventive measures, Bac Giang province, businesses, resuming production, industrial parks, Covid-19 pandemic, disease preventive measures

Workers at Hope Special Zone Vietnam Co.,Ltd in Quang Chau industrial park follow pandemic preventive measures.

Basing on actual situation, the provincial People’s Committee instructed the enterprises to strictly follow pandemic preventive measures, especially testing for workers to absolutely detect any infection. Particularly, in the first two months after resuming the production, the business must conduct Covid-19 test for workers in every one week.

Local companies must promptly arrange accommodation for labour to ensure safe condition, following the programme to hire separately boarding houses for workers of a single business while preparing temporarily medical quarantine area to screen any employee with Covid-19 symptom to zone off the risk case.

Together with these above mentioned solutions, the provincial Department of Health daily updates the disease preventive map in line with green, yellow and red colour table so as to ease the business in welcoming the workers. Mean while, the Department instructs local firms to seriously follow the disease preventive measures, ensure safe distance, avoid big gatherings when taking samples.

Regarding to the task of recruiting workers at other provinces, the provincial Working Group will send document to the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs in these places where the workers reside to assist the business to announce the employment to ensure the safety basing on registered demand and specific list.

Before the labours come to the business, the competent organization will strictly supervise the testing procedure and only allow them to work when they have negative result.


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Strictly preventive measures, Bac Giang province, businesses, resuming production, industrial parks, Covid-19 pandemic, disease preventive measures
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