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Bac Giang quickly recovers economy and focuses on disease prevention and control

(BGO) – On July 20, Le Anh Duong, Chairman of the Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee chaired the regular meeting of the People’s Committee in July.

As of July 20, 345 businesses in the provincial industrial parks resumed operation with about 103,000 labours. As schedule, 95 percent of the total enterprises in the industrial parks will operate at 95 percent of total capacity.

Bac Giang province, quickly recovers economy, disease prevention and control, industrial parks, socio-economic growth

PPC Chairman Le Anh Duong chairs the meeting.

The industrial production index increased 104.2 percent against last month, accounting for 84.7 percent year on year, and 5 percent in seven months in accumulation. Though several major sectors and businesses outside the industrial parks got minor impact by pandemic, they have kept equal or increased production rate as the same period last year.

Concluding the event, PPC Chairman Le Anh Duong affirmed that Bac Giang has marvellously revived. After only 20 days (since July 1 when the province entered new normal state), nearly 2,000 enterprises in the province have resumed operation with nearly 160,000 workers. Many criteria on import export turnover sharply increased with high budget collection...

The provincial leader pressed that in the upcoming time, the province needs to highly focus on key tasks such as further well implementing Covid-19 prevention and control in business and residential community (top priority); protecting the disease preventive result; taking advantage of vaccine source to inject the frontline forces, workers, community Covid-19 teams and people.

Bac Giang province, quickly recovers economy, disease prevention and control, industrial parks, socio-economic growth

Director of the Department of Industry and Trade Tran Quang Tan informs about the industrial production.

The health sector must consult the provincial leader to issue new Decree on disease prevention in new situation. The competent organization should quickly complete the Provincial Plan to submit to Prime Minister within August to facilitate the socio-economic growth while sufficiently and thoroughly preparing contents to propose at the upcoming second meeting of the provincial People’s Council.

All sources should be mobilized to comprehensively recover the provincial socio-economy with the target of gaining higher growth rate by August 2021 than the disease outbreak time via more drastic and effective implementation plans.

Regarding cultural and social aspects, the competent agencies must re-organize the health care activities, ensure safety and seriousness in organization of the second high school graduation exam, enhance application of information technology and digital transformation to handle work...


Trinh Lan
Strictly preventive measures done at businesses resuming production in industrial parks
(BGO) – All businesses in the industrial parks (IP) in Bac Giang province strive to resume operation from now on till the end of July. To gradually stabilize the production, the enterprises must strictly implement disease preventive measures both inside and outside the workshop.
Lending rates cut to help businesses overcome Covid-19
A number of commercial banks have simultaneously announced a reduction in lending interest rates for customers affected by the Covid-19 epidemic from now until the end of 2021.
Bac Giang secures fifth place nationwide in number of businesses registerred online
(BGO) – In the first six months, 757 new businesses, representative offices and branches registered to establish in the northern province of Bac Giang, 5.1 percent year-on-year increase, reported the provincial Department of Planning and Investment (DoPI).  
Bac Giang vows to not let businesses suffer damage from any Covid-19 case
(BGO) - Over the past month, a series of enterprises based outside industrial parks in Bac Giang province are focusing on restoring production and business activities. However, some businesses have not controlled the Covid-19 pandemic well, increasing the risk of coronavirus spreading.
Bac Giang supports businesses in recruiting workers, stabilizing production
(BGO) - Overcoming difficulties in production and business due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, at this time, the operations of enterprises in Bac Giang province have been gradually recovering. However, many businesses are facing difficulties due to a shortage of human resources, especially unskilled workers.
Bac Giang province, quickly recovers economy, disease prevention and control, industrial parks, socio-economic growth
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