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Bac Giang rebuilds worker hostel model

(BGO) - Thanks to the drastic engagement of local authorities and businesses in Bac Giang province, up to now, the rearrangement of hostels towards providing concentrated accommodation for each enterprise’s workers has achieved initial results. This creates favorable conditions for epidemic prevention and control, helping businesses stabilize production.

Hostel - dormitory for workers

As an enterprise with many infection (F0) cases during the recent outbreak, after returning to production, Hosiden Vietnam Co., Ltd (Quang Chau Industrial Park) has paid special attention to pandemic prevention and control. Under the guidance of relevant agencies and authorities, the company rented 72 boarding rooms in Nui Hieu village, Quang Chau commune as a dormitory for more than 140 workers and will continue to sign new contracts to welcome more workers back to work.

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Hosiden Vietnam Co., Ltd. hires a hostel in Nui Hieu village for workers to stay.

By July 18, the working group for reviewing and arranging "safe hostels" of Viet Yen district completed the review of hostels in Quang Chau, Van Trung and Tang Tien communes and Nenh township. Results show that there are 3,580 boarding houses, equivalent to 58,283 rooms.

In addition to Hosiden Company, Foxconn Group has signed a contract with the Hostel Association, initially putting 150 workers in. At the hostel in Van Coc 1 village, Van Trung commune, Rongxin Electronics Co., Ltd also inked a contract for 42 rooms, accommodating 84 workers...

Currently, corporations, businesses and the district People's Committee continue to survey, rent and arrange each hostel for workers. The hostel owners have carried out merger and exchange of rooms so that each company hires its own hostel for workers.

Authorities accompany businesses

With the determination of the province, Viet Yen district held dialogues and working sessions with large enterprises and arranged boarding houses to achieve the goal of "safe enterprises - safe hostels - safe workers", meeting production requirements while preventing and controlling the pandemic. The district has cleaned the boarding houses in Nui Hieu area and used them as "safe hostels" – dormitories for enterprises in industrial parks.

Leaders of the district People's Committee met with businesses and hostel owners to reach a common voice. In addition to the responsibilities of enterprises, Viet Yen district has issued regulations on the operation of hostels such as: sticking posters featuring 5K message and listing the phone numbers of the community-based Covid-19 teams and the hotlines...

It requests the hostel owners to make medical declarations, sign a commitment to Covid-19 prevention and control, update the situation, promptly report cases showing cough, fever, sore throat and difficult breathing, and tenants traveling from epidemic-hit areas. Large gatherings are not allowed.

According to the Management Board of provincial Industrial Parks, at present, enterprises resume about 40-50 percent of their designed capacity. Some businesses have dormitories for workers or arrange meals and accommodation for workers right at enterprises. Many workers in the province belong to the “green zone” in the epidemic prevention and control map, so they go home by themselves. Therefore, not many workers who return to work stay in "safe hostels".

At the same time, some businesses are still worried and do not want to arrange accommodation for workers. Facing this issue, Than Van Thuan, Standing Vice Chairman of the district People's Committee, said that at present, the Covid-19 pandemic is still very complicated, especially in southern provinces. In fact, some enterprises in the province on the first day back to production detected F0 cases and had to stop working.

Therefore, this is also an opportunity to rebuild the hostel model, ensuring safe and sustainable production. The working groups of the province and the district have persistently explained and encouraged, first of all, large enterprises to engage in the movement, creating initial effects for other enterprises to follow. At the same time, they have closely followed the situation at the grassroots level, promptly grasping the arising problems for appropriate solutions.


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Bac Giang province, worker hostel model, Industrial parks, epidemic prevention and control, dormitory for workers, boarding houses
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