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Vietnam’s agricultural products, foodstuffs and foods in the New Zealand market

Vietnam is the leading supplier (claiming the first or the second place in the market) for a number of goods, such as cashew nuts (96%), pepper (65%), basa fish fillet (100%), frozen shrimp (27%).

Regarding seafood (HS code 03), in 2020, Vietnam's seafood export turnover to this market reached NZD 16.6 million, accounting for 9% of the market share, ranking fourth after China, Norway and Australia.

Vietnam’s agricultural products, foodstuffs and foods, New Zealand market, leading supplier, export turnover

Market share of Vietnam’s agricultural products.

Vietnam’s foods and processed foodstuffs are distributed in New Zealand through importers, wholesalers and retailers.

Due to the small size of the market, big importers in New Zealand are also the distributors and their customers being secondary wholesalers, chains of retailing supermarket, retail stores and restaurants. Some importers, distributors have the dominant market share of products, such as:

Distributors of foodstuffs, spices, canned dry foods are Davis Trading, Gilmours Wholesale Food, with stores operating like Cash’nCarry model and 2 major partners of Foodstuffs - Toops and Trents. Regarding spices and cocoa, that is Sherratt Ingredients.

There are Shore Mariner and King Fisher in the distribution system of frozen seafood.

There are Lim Brothers Import & Export, Soung Yueen, Tai Ping in the distribution system of Asian foodstuffs. Vietnam’s agricultural products, foodstuffs and foods are imported and distributed by these enterprises.

It is estimated that the importers and wholesalers import up to 80% of the goods while the retailers import 20% left. Some wholesalers are also importers, distributors of domestic products, such as King Fisher distributes 90% of domestic products and imports only 10%.

In the food industry, supermarkets and retail stores account for 30% of the goods distributed, the rest is of food service chains, restaurants, hotels, fast food chains, etc.

Vietnam’s agricultural products, foodstuffs and foods, New Zealand market, leading supplier, export turnover

Bag of fresh bamboo shoot sold in New Zealand.

Most importers, distributors work directly with foreign exporters; some work with parent companies or trade agents in third country like Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong (China), Malaysia, etc.

Regarding frozen or specially preserved goods, the importers and distributors hold the leading role and do all the logistics activities to transport goods to supermarkets, retail stores or restaurants.

The importers and distributors also do the packaging and attaching their brands on dry goods and foodstuffs imported in large batches but repackaged in smaller size for retail. Goods from warehouses of importers and distributors are transported directly to supermarkets and retail stores based on planned distribution.

Cooperatives supported to build and develop commodity farm produce
(BGO) – This year, Bac Giang province selected 4 qualified cooperatives to participate in the Project to build and develop commodity farm produce at provincial level in 2021 chaired by the Department of Industry and Trade.
Farm produce reach Europe via Vietnam’s e-commerce platform
Over three tonnes of Bac Giang lychees meeting GlobalGAP standard recently passed customs clearance at Frankfurt airport, Germany thanks to a transaction via the Vietnamese e-commerce platform Voso.
Vietnamese farm produce popularised in ROK
The Vietnamese Embassy in the Republic of Korea (ROK), TPS Farmers and Vinaka companies signed an agreement in the southern city of Kwangyang on June 25 to boost the import and distribution of Vietnamese farm produce in the country.
Vietnam sees surge in farm produce exports to China
Agricultural exports to China posted impressive growth between January and May, with shipments of some produce even matching or surpassing the corresponding figures for the entire 2020, data of the Plant Protection Department under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development showed.
PM orders removing difficulties in farm produce sale for Bac Giang
The Prime Minister has tasked the Ministry of Industry and Trade with removing difficulties in the consumption of agricultural products, especially lychee, for Bac Giang province that is now the country’s COVID-19 hotspot.

Source: VAN

Vietnam’s agricultural products, foodstuffs and foods, New Zealand market, leading supplier, export turnover
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