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Quang Chau 110kV Substation has biggest capacity in Bac Giang

(BGO) - The Northern Power Corporation (NPC) has inspected for acceptance the erection project of T3 transformer in  Quang Chau 110kV Substation in Viet Yen district which has the biggest capacity in Bac Giang province.   

The project was totally invested over 19 billion VND (836,800 USD) to erect a new transformer 63MVA-110/35/22kV, several new equipment and devices on 35kV and 22kV systems; one feeder for T3 transformer, C43 sectionalized bus system, output cables for two new feeders….

Quang Chau, 110kV Substation, biggest capacity, Bac Giang province, Northern Power Corporation, T3 transformer, technical qualification

Do Binh Duong, Vice Director of Bac Giang Power Company inspects Quang Chau 110kV Substation.

After short execution period, the NPC inspected for acceptance to put T3 transformer on stream and safely operate the project in line with the technical qualification. Right after that, Bac Giang Power Company received the projects for management and operation. Currently, total capacity of Quang Chau 110kV Substation reaches 189MVA.

The timely construction and operation of T3 transformer and Quang Chau 110kV Substation helped solve the overload situation, enhance the trust in power supply to satisfy the sharp growth of power load in Quang Chau industrial park as well as the residential area in Viet Yen district.

Also, it supplements the power source to the province, improves the connectivity among Quang Chau, Van Trung, Dinh Tram and Song Khe - Noi Hoang 110kV Substations while partly reducing the electric loss to meet the increasing demand of power use when the businesses recover the production in post Covid-19 pandemic period.


Tran Van Thong
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Quang Chau, 110kV Substation, biggest capacity, Bac Giang province, Northern Power Corporation, T3 transformer, technical qualification
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