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Effective "four safes" model in businesses

(BGO) - To prevent and control the Covid-19 pandemic in the new situation, the principle of "four safes" under Directive 11, dated July 28, 2021, of the Chairperson of the provincial People's Committee has been thoroughly realised by authorities at all levels and sectors, thereby helping businesses stay safe from the epidemic, and restore production and business.

Controlling Covid-19 epidemic

Directive 11, dated July 28, 2021, of the Chairperson of the provincial People's Committee on epidemic prevention and control in the new situation states that the "four safes" principle includes safe workers - safe production - safe transportation - safe accommodations/boarding houses.

Effective four safes model, local businesses, Bac Giang province, Covid-19 pandemic, stay safe, restore production and business

Take samples for testing of workers of VSUN Company (Dinh Tram Industrial Park).

The survey shows that, with the motto "promoting production for pandemic combat and fighting the pandemic for production", enterprises have strictly complied with regulations on epidemic prevention and control. Wearing a mask, stopping at the gate to measure body temperature, and washing hands with sanitizer are what to do every day by worker Nguyen Duc Thien, a native of Vinh Phuc province, who is working at APS Vina Co., Ltd., in the Song Khe-Noi Hoang Industrial Park.

After completing medical declaration, Thien has to change shoes and mask before operating the machine. APS Vina Company is a Korean enterprise producing accessories for Samsung Group. It resumed operations in early June. Initially, the company renovated the workshops, arranged for workers to stay at the enterprise; ensured a distance between dining tables; and installing beds for workers under the "three on-the-spots" model: eat, stay and work on the spot.

When the employees’ residence areas were classified as a green zone on the pandemic control map, the business removed the temporary "dormitory", and allowed workers go home every day. Periodically, it organises testing for workers, ensuring timely detection of any infections.

Up to now, all the six industrial zones and 30 industrial clusters in the province have been operating normally. All enterprises in the industrial zones operate at the same scale and capacity as pre-pandemic levels thanks to good control of the epidemic.

Actively cooperating to support businesses

The "four safes" principle has proven effective, but the implementation is still difficult. According to statistics, the province now has more than 114,000 people going to work by motorbike, causing traffic jams and easily spreading the virus. At the same time, the model of "safe boarding houses" is not popular yet.

Effective four safes model, local businesses, Bac Giang province, Covid-19 pandemic, stay safe, restore production and business

Director of APS Vina Co., Ltd. Maeng Heesoo (left) discusses with workers on how to operate the production line.

To date, businesses have signed contracts to rent 1,567 boarding rooms for more than 3,200 workers. However, few workers stay in such accommodations according to the principle of "one boarding house only for workers of one enterprise".

In order to continue to implement the "four safes" model in enterprises, the Department of Transport has requested transport business units and employers, when engaging in activities to transport workers, to comply with regulations on pandemic prevention and control with stamps stuck on workers' shuttle buses.

As the Covid-19 epidemic is forecast to develop complicatedly, Viet Yen and Yen Dung districts continue to encourage workers and businesses to join hands to implement the province's policy of building safe boarding houses, ensuring long-term pandemic prevention and control, thus bringing benefits to businesses and the community.

Along with the above solutions, according to Dao Cong Hung, Deputy Director of the Department of Construction, for safe accommodation facilities, the department suggested that Viet Yen and Yen Dung districts and the Management Board of provincial Industrial Parks regularly cooperate to arrange boarding houses for enterprises in need. 

They should assist businesses in negotiating, signing contracts or organizing the signing of rental contracts between enterprises' employees and accommodation establishments; while strengthening inspection and supervision of the organization and operation of boarding service providers to ensure that they are eligible for operation during the Covid-19 prevention and control period.


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Effective four safes model, local businesses, Bac Giang province, Covid-19 pandemic, stay safe, restore production and business
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