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Businesses at industrial parks tighten pandemic preventive measures

(BGO) – Covid-19 pandemic has complicatedly developed in several provinces and cities nationwide. Bac Giang province has two new hotspots. Though no more case was detected in the industrial parks, the businesses have highly focuses on synchronously implementing strict control solutions to prevent new outbreak.

Controlling labour employment

After suspension time for Covid-19 prevention and control, Sanwa Vietnam Company Limited (Co.,Ltd) in Dinh Tram industrial park resumed operation in early June with over 300 workers (accounting for 90 percent of the total labours at the period before the disease outbreak).

Businesses at industrial parks, Bac Giang province, pandemic preventive measures, Covid-19 pandemic, strict control solutions,  labour employment

Crystal Martin Vietnam Co.,Ltd regularly takes sample of workers for Covid-19 test.

Despite the company still lacks of employees, it refuses to recruit workers from Bac Ninh province and pandemic hit localities when they have not yet quarantined at Bac Giang province for 21 days so as to ensure the disease safety for labours in company and avoid impact on the operation of other firms and industrial parks.

Also, the business strictly follow the disease preventive measures. All 300 labours are offered “3 on the spot” that means working on spot, eating on spot and staying on spot to control over the disease. Workers must wear face masks, sanitize and have their temperature daily checked.

Similarly, Crystal Martin Vietnam Co.,Ltd at Quang Chau industrial park strictly manages to employ workers from other province. The company now suspends to employ labours in Bac Ninh province, disease struck areas, even old labours. Besides, it arranges medical quarantine room immediately to workers with symptoms of fever and cough to timely screen the infection.

So far, 370 businesses at the industrial parks in the province have resumed operation, accounting for 100 percent with more than 158,000 workers. The provincial Industrial Park Management Board (IPMB) has instructed enterprises to seriously implement disease preventive measures, especially using labours from other localities.

Encouraging workers to stay and work at National Day holiday September 2

Amid the complicated development of Covid-19 in many provincies and cities, the provincial People’s Committee issued document to urge the firms to strictly follow disease preventive measures, mobilize various forces to accelerate business and production activities to compensate the shortage productivity in the suspension period due to the pandemic.

Businesses at industrial parks, Bac Giang province, pandemic preventive measures, Covid-19 pandemic, strict control solutions,  labour employment

Workers at Crystal Martin Vietnam Co.,Ltd strictly follow Covid-19 preventive measures.

Particularly, the companies should encourage labours to stay at the site and keep working with the motto “Not leaving the spot” to join hands with local authority in pandemic fight.

Accordingly, the IPMB has thoroughly directed the provincial instruction to all firms and urged them to actively persuade employees to continue working with encouraging policies.

Siflex Vietnam Co.,Ltd in Quang Chau industrial park is an example with over 5,800 workers. To ensure safety, the company offers 300 percent of salary for any labour to work on holiday and 390 percent of the salary when they work at night. In case the workers must return to their hometown, they are obligated to make health declaration and show negative PCR test result.

Besides, Fuhong Precision Component Co.,Ltd in Dinh Tram industrial park also pays increased wage for employees working on holiday. SeoJin Vietnam Co.,Ltd gives added salary and offers more free meals for the labours working on this occasion.

Adding to these above mentioned measures, the enterprises in the industrial parks request workers to scan QR Code to make health declaration, check temperature, wear face masks and sanitize before entering the company campus.

Head of the provincial IPMB Dao Xuan Cuong said the Board has recently issued document to urge businesses to strictly conduct labour medical declaration.

Regarding the transportation vehicles from Bac Ninh province and pandemic struck areas to local industrial parks, the long distance drivers are obligated to make medical declaration. The drivers and people on cabine must show negative PCR test result within 3 days for disease control because they are considered high risk cases.

At the same time, the drivers must restrict to stop the vehicles to contact to others, only deliver the goods at the registered locations and use disease protective suits during loading and unloading the commodities with strict implementation of 5K message.


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Businesses at industrial parks, Bac Giang province, pandemic preventive measures, Covid-19 pandemic, strict control solutions, labour employment
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