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Digital transformation helps enterprises overcome pandemic

(BGO) - Recently, thanks to application of information technology (IT) and digital transformation, many enterprises in Bac Giang province have surmounted difficulties to maintain production and business. Digital transformation is considered a “life saver” to help enterprises to overcome the pandemic and minimize damage.

Maintaining the production chain

In May and June 2021, a number of enterprises in the province had to halt their production and business or reduce the operation scales due to profound impact of Covid-19 pandemic. Facing this circumstance, in line with traditional operation, many enterprises actively applied IT and implemented digital transformation to resolve difficulty.

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The automatic glove production line at Gloveland Vina Technology Company Limited.

From May until the end of June 2021, Bac Giang Garment Corporation (BGG) in Bac Giang city applied measure of home working for managers and office workers and implemented online discussions, assignments and meeting. Until now, the company still applies online working method with partners although the pandemic has been under control.

The company spent tens of millions VND to purchase modern machinery (automatic machines) such as cloth cutting machine, fabric spreading machine and programming machine to improve productivity. Thanks to this method, the company can maintain normal production and sign many new orders despite the long-lasting pandemic.

In 8 months, the company has exported more than 2.5 million garment products to America, Japan and Republic of Korea, thus the company can exceed the set target of 3 million products per year.

Tri Viet Bac Giang joint stock company in Bac Giang city specializing in sanitary facilities and kitchen gadgets also implements digital transformation. The company recruited a new employee who is good at IT to set up website, email system and fanpage on facebook for online trading and design e-store to put their products on the e-commerce platforms. After 1 month, the company still gained revenue equal to the period before the pandemic outbreak; moreover, they sought more customers in Bac Giang and other provinces.

Supporting for expansion

According to Duong Thanh Son, Vice Director of the Enterprise Consulting and Assistance Center (BECA) under the provincial Business Association, digital transformation is significant to help enterprises survive and develop in coming time especially in current circumstance of the pandemic outbreak.

Currently, the province is home to more than 11,000 enterprises. Digital transformation has been implemented in the enterprises recently based on IT application in production and business. According to the provincial Department of Information and Communication, Bac Giang is among 20 leading localities nationwide in digital transformation including digital transformation in business.

The provincial Business Association has selected nearly 300 enterprises in the province to support piloting digital transformation in 2021. The participants will be supported to build online businesses and CEO liberation digital businesses for free, develop trademark, product and service online promotion methods. By the end this year, the Association will guide and assist the companies to grasp the contents and properly implement application of digital technologies in production and business.

In order to bolster digital transformation in business, the provincial People’s Committee issued the Plan on digital transformation of Bac Bac Giang province in period from 2021 to 2025 with an orientation to 2030. 

Within the contents of digital economic development, the province focuses on digital businesses including start-up companies applying digital technologies in creating new products and services in socio-economic sectors and start-up companies with innovation in digital technologies while fostering development of 3 to 5 prominent digital enterprises to gradually boost digital transformation in every production, business and consumption activity.

In implementation of this plan, the Department of Planning and Investment selected and support digital transformation of 100 companies in the fields of production, trade and service. The Department of Planning and Investment will review, evaluate and expand the model across the province by the end this year.

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Digital transformation, overcome pandemic, Bac Giang province, application of information technology, maintain production and business, improve productivity
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