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Bac Giang proposes developing Kep rail station into international multimodal transport terminal

(BGO) - There are 3 national railway lines crossing Bac Giang province including Ha Noi - Dong Dang, Kep - Ha Long and Kep - Luu Xa with total length of 95.7 kilometres.

The freight capacity is enormous with total 7,500 square metre of warehouse area at the stations, particularly a 900-square metre warehouse at Bac Giang station and a 700-square metre warehouse at Kep station. The average rail freight volume is 83,285 tonnes per year. The stations meet conditions of cargo loading and unloading with 50-kilo package or motor vehicles such as crane truck and excavator, container, bulk package and bulk cargo.

Bac Giang province, Kep rail station, international multimodal transport terminal, national railway lines, freight capacity, investment and expansion

Loading goods at Bac Giang station.

However, due to lack of investment and expansion to link with road and waterway systems, these railway lines reveal many shortcomings with small cargo volume, which is inadequate to the potentials.

In reaction to the information that enterprises in the industrial parks and clusters in the province face difficulties in loading, unloading and transportation of goods, the representative of Hanoi railway transport joint stock company (the managing agency of the northern routes including Hanoi-Dong Dang and Kep - Cai Lan) stressed, the railway stations in the locality are still available for transporting, loading and unloading goods without any disruption.

In order to facilitate clearance of international freight, this agency is collaborating with the Department of Transportation to propose the Ministry of Transportation leveling up Kep station into an international multimodal transport terminal to help enterprises reduce time and costs of goods transportation.


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Bac Giang province, Kep rail station, international multimodal transport terminal, national railway lines, freight capacity, investment and expansion
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