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Public Administration Service Center focuses on improving PCI ranking, creating favorable conditions for businesses

(BGO) - In order to contribute to improving the province’s competitiveness and  investment attraction, over the past time, the provincial Public Administration Service Center has actively coordinated with departments and agencies to promote administrative reform, remove difficulties and create favorable conditions for enterprises to develop production and business.

Improving scores of three sub-indexes

In 2020, Bac Giang's provincial competitiveness index (PCI) reached 63.98 points, ranking 27th out of 63 provinces and cities, up 13 places compared to the previous year. In order to create a favorable, transparent and friendly investment and business environment, thus boosting Bac Giang’s comprehensive development, the provincial People's Committee has issued a plan to improve the PCI ranking in 2021, clearly assigning tasks to each agency and unit.

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Youth volunteers of the provincial Youth Union guide people to apply online at the provincial Public Administration Service Center.

Bearing the main responsibility for handling administrative procedures of departments and agencies under the provincial People's Committee and central agencies, the provincial Public Safety Administration Center is assigned to coordinate with them to raise the scores of three sub-indexes: Time cost, fair competition and market entry.

To complete its task, right from the beginning of the year, the center has analyzed the advantages and limitations and looked for the causes, thus improving the criteria with poor performance.

This year, at the center, 67 procedures of the Departments of Planning and Investment; Construction; Agriculture and Rural Development; Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs; and Finance; and the provincial Social Insurance Agency are implemented following the model of “five on the spot” (receiving, appraising, approving, sealing, and returning results).

The procedures have their handling time cut from 30 percent to 80 percent, thereby creating favorable conditions for organizations and citizens. In the third quarter of 2021, the rate of dossiers returned ahead of schedule reached 68 percent. Seven agencies had all dossiers returned before the due date and there were no overdue dossiers. This was praised by the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee.

Every month, the unit conducts interviews and surveys to collect feedback from organizations and businesses about "time cost" and "fair competition" between domestic and foreign enterprises when dealing with administrative procedures.

For the sub-index of market entry cost, the center focuses on raising the score of criteria for the business registration procedure with contents related to the publicising of fees and charges; professional, friendly staff; and good application of information technology.

Strengthening coordination, supervision

Improving the score and ranking of the province's PCI is also a positive contribution to the socio-economic development. In the first nine months of 2021, despite the impacts of the Covid-19 epidemic, the province still saw many newly established businesses and its gross regional domestic product (GRDP) reached 5.5 percent. Those outcomes were obtained thanks to the efforts of departments, agencies, localities and the provincial Public Administration Service Center in administrative reform and creating maximum conditions for organizations and businesses.

In order to complete the improvement of scores of the sub-indexes and set targets, departments, sectors and specialized agencies need to increase exchanges and coordination with the center in arranging staff, publicizing administrative procedures, and receiving and handling administrative procedures for enterprises. They should direct specialized units to have solutions to fix the situation of additional, returned and overdue dossiers.

Talking about the key tasks in the coming time, Pham Van Da, Director of the center, said that the center will promote communications and provide information on administrative procedures, online public services, and public postal services through the mass media and social networks such as Zalo and Facebook.

It will continue to monitor and supervise the quality and effectiveness of handling administrative procedures of each unit; and urge officials and civil servants to abide by working regulations and discipline. It will also regularly survey and collect opinions from organizations and citizens in order to improve service quality. At the same time, the centre plans to propose the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee direct the departments and agencies to review administrative procedures to cut down the handling time, especially those decentralized and authorized by the provincial People's Committee and its Chairman.

Khoi Nguyen
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Public Administration Service Center, Bac Giang province, PCI ranking, creating favorable conditions, province’s competitiveness, investment attraction
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