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Bac Giang concentrates on Covid-19 fights in IPs to secure production and supply chains

(BGO)- This wave of Covid-19 in some enterprises in the industrial parks (IPs) in the northern province of Bac Giang is evaluated a dangerous outbreak. Aiming to protect the supply chain in line with the experience in the pandemic fight so far, Bac Giang has striven to localize and rapidly contain the pandemic to maintain stable production of the enterprises in the IPs.

Preventing the pandemic penetration

This time, all enterprises in 6 IPs including Dinh Tram, Quang Chau, Van Trung, Song Khe – Noi Hoang, Vietnam-Korea and Hoa Phu are making efforts in implementing the preventive measures against the pandemic.

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Lens Vietnam Technology Company Limited disinfects delivery trucks before entering the company.

On November 2, nearly 2,000 workers of Lens Vietnam Technology Company Limited were administered the 2nd Covid-19 vaccine dose.

According to Pham Thi Thu, Head of the Company’s Administrative Division, all of the vehicles entering the company for delivery or transportation of goods and materials are stamped and disinfected to prevent the disease. Drivers only communicate through cell phones without opening windows or getting out of the vehicles.

Similarly, SeoJin Vietnam Company Limited in Song Khe – Noi Hoang IP manufacturing electronic components and mechanic products is striving to prevent Covid-19 transmission. Apart from administering vaccines, more than 2,000 workers of the company are checked temperature and disinfected before entering the company and required to wear facemask. Recently, all of the company’s employees have been tested with RT-PCR method and got negative results.

In order to timely detect suspected cases of Covid-19 infection, localize for quarantine and avoid widespread infection, the company is carrying out testing every 3 days for their employees while arranging 860 on-site accommodations for workers from other provinces to stay in the company. Besides, the company supports the employees with 4 meals per day.

Bac Giang province, Covid-19 fights, IPs, secure production, supply chains, dangerous outbreak, stable production,  pandemic penetration

Workers of Fuhong Precision Component Company Limited in Dinh Tram IP are checked temperature before entering the factories.

Besides, many other enterprises in the IPs are actively implementing preventive measures against Covid-19 following the province’s guidelines.

Strict management

In identifying important roles of the IPs, which affect not only the province’s economic activities but also other localities and living of hundred thousands of workers, the pandemic fight in the IPs has been paid special attention. Right after the pandemic outbreak was detected, the province implemented localization to contain the pandemic. To date, the pandemic outbreak in the IPs has been basically controlled.

According to Nguyen Van Quy, Deputy Director of the provincial Industrial Zones Authority (IZA), the province has experience in responding to the pandemic although the arising pandemic outbreak was evaluated dangerous. In order to secure safety of the IPs, in line with strengthening management of the workers, the IZA has directed and supervised vaccination and testing of the enterprises every 3 days as regulation

As of November 3, workers of the enterprises in the IPs have been tested conforming to the province’s requirement. More than 187,000 workers have been provided one vaccine dose, reaching 97.4 percent of the total workers in the IPs and some 126,000 workers have been administered the 2nd dose, reaching nearly 66 percent. Facing risk of the pandemic penetration, the IZA urged the experts and employees of the enterprises who reside in Bac Ninh province to temporarily stay in Bac Giang, not to travel back and forth every day until new announcement.

Bac Giang province, Covid-19 fights, IPs, secure production, supply chains, dangerous outbreak, stable production,  pandemic penetration

Workers in the IPs are administered Covid-19 vaccines.

So as to maintain stable production of enterprises in the IPs, many business supporting activities have been implemented in line with strict measures against the pandemic. The enterprises are only permitted to recruit and employ workers from “green zones” and not permitted to use seasonal and temporary employees. The enterprises have to update information of all employees into the labour management software for tracing.

Newly employed workers from other provinces are required to show RT-PCR negative test results for SARS-CoV-2 within 48 hours before entering the province. Besides, they have to undergo 7-day quarantine and twice tested negative for SARS-CoV-2 by RT-PCR (the second test is 3 days after the first one) before working.

With the appropriate measures, enterprises in the IPs are maintaining stable production targeting to reach some 30 trillion VND (1.3 million USD) of the industrial production value in November.

Bac Giang delegation completes task to assist HCMC and Binh Duong in Covid-19 fight
(BGO) – On October 12 afternoon, the second batch of medical officials and staff in Bac Giang province supporting Covid-19 fight in Ho Chi Minh city (HCMC) and Binh Duong province well fulfilled the task after 43 days.
Bac Giang DOFA establishes 24/24- hour supporting team for foreigners relating to Covid-19 pandemic
(BGO)- The provincial Department of Foreign Affairs (DOFA) has issued the Decision No 72/QD-SNgV on establishment of a Supporting Team, which is available 24/24 hours to receive information from foreigners about Covid-19 pandemic in Bac Giang province.
Bac Giang continues prioritizing Covid-19 vaccination for workers
(BGO) – The Department of Health (DoH) in Bac Giang province started another vaccination period to labours in the local businesses from October 5 – 7.
Bac Giang donates six tonnes of necessities and supplies to Covid-19 fight in Ha Nam
(BGO) – Implementing “one million welfare bags”programme to fight against Covid-19, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and Youth Federation in Bac Giang province on October 3 joined hands with relevant agencies to hand over six tonnes of necessities and medical supplies to support Ha Nam province to combat the pandemic.
Bac Giang’s working delegation finishes assistance task to combat Covid-19 in Ha Nam
(BGO) – The 137 member medical delegation in Bac Giang province on September 29 returned to hometown after fulfilling the task to support Ha Nam province to combat Covid-19 pandemic, shared Nguyen Van Binh, Vice Director of the provincial Department of Health and Head of the delegation.


Bac Giang province, Covid-19 fights, IPs, secure production, supply chains, dangerous outbreak, stable production, pandemic penetration
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