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Bac Giang recovers shortcoming of Covid -19 management and tracing software at business to enhance effectiveness

(BGO) – With the spirit “Production to fight against pandemic, pandemic control to resume production”, since June 14, 2021, Bac Giang province has officially launched Covid-19 management and tracing software (CMTS) at the local companies. However, the application has yet to gain expected results.

Asynchronous database

To ensure acurate and timely implementation of tracing and localizing tasks amid Covid-19 complicated development, the provincial People’s Committee assigned the Department of Information and Communication (DoIC) to launch CMTS for local enterprises from June 2021.

Bac Giang province, recovers shortcomings, Covid -19 pandemic, management and tracing software, enhance effectiveness, pandemic control, resume production

The production line of Crystal Martin Vietnam Company Limited.

Accordingly, the software helps firms update data and changes in accommodation and travel of the labours; provides tracking assistance function so as to trace the cases with contact to infected people among the labour data supplied and updated by companies on the CMTS. The account is created and updated daily per businesses’ requirement.

So far, the province has created 363 accounts for businesses in the industrial parks and 3,363 accounts for companies in the districts and ctiy. Total labours of the enterprises updated on the CMTS reached nearly 269,000, in which 151,000 cases updated data on accommodation and the remaining ones reported about travel history.

Actually, the CMTS application has gained both initial results and limitation in the province. According to leader of Viet Yen district People’s Committee, after four months applying the software, it took them a lot of time to access to the CMTS because of low operation speed and pending condition.

Besides, Vice Head of the provincial Industrial Park Management Board (IPMB) Nguyen Xuan Ngoc said it is hard to update labour data daily because many companies have great number of labours with regular changes in accommodation and working place. The employers have yet to arrange enough human resources to be in charge of this task.

Mean while, the software only provides shared QR-Code for company instead of worker, so the it gets updated infrequently and discontinously, leading difficulties to track the relevant cases.

All enterprises must apply the software

According to DoIC’s Vice Director Nguyen Gia Phong, to gain the best application of CMTS among the state organizations, schools, especially companies, the bodies must regularly update data to ensure the sufficiency and accuracy which are ready to serve the managers and trackers in necessary case.

Bac Giang province, recovers shortcomings, Covid -19 pandemic, management and tracing software, enhance effectiveness, pandemic control, resume production

Worker at Luxshare ICT Vietnam Company Limited scans the code to declare initial residence information at the boarding house in Tang Tien commune (Viet Yen district).

The bodies and businesses need to closely cooperate with the DoIC in updating, exploiting and using the software toward effectiveness.

Additionally, the competent agencies should research to intergrate the CMTS for companies with several applications of PC-Covid, E-Health Record, Residence Management Software …to ease the tracking and management task or create a shared software with integration of Covid management and tracing for companies and boarding house in the province.

Together with these solutions, to promote the CMTS’s effectiveness, each firm should proactively participate in updating sufficient data and information about the changes of labours on a daily basic with accuracy and quick time; arrange enough man power, machine and other necessities to meet the requirement of data input on the software.

The employers must order the employees to ink the commitment about serious declaration when they change the living place while strictly punishing any violated cases.

Amid the disease complex situation, application of CMTS in connection to other preventive measures practically supports companies to effectively prevent the pandemic and maintain business and production activities.

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Bac Giang province, recovers shortcomings, Covid -19 pandemic, management and tracing software, enhance effectiveness, pandemic control, resume production
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