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Bac Giang ensures sufficient power supply for industrial production

(BGO) – The northern province of Bac Giang has been approved for new industrial parks and clusters as well as expanded ones. To meet the power demand for industrial production, the competent agencies has accelerated the investment to construct local power grid system. 

On February 23, 2021, the Prime Minister issued correspondence to adjust and supplement the plan to develop industrial park (IP) in the province, including Yen Lu IP in Yen Dung district (377 ha), Yen Son – Bac Lung IP in Luc Nam district (300 ha), Tan Hung IP in Lang Giang district (105.3 ha) as well as expanding several IPs of Quang Chau up to 90 ha, Hoa Phu up to 85 ha and Vietnam Korea up to 148 ha.

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Officials at Bac Giang Power Company inspect the power system at Quang Chau 100kV substation in Viet Yen district.

Head of Power Management Division (Department of Industry and Trade) Dang Tien Dung said it is an urgent requirement to develop power capacity in the province to serve the supplement and expansion of the local IPs. The Division has cooperated with Bac Giang Power Company to review and prepare power supply programme for the IPs to be established and expanded in the province.

Accordingly, since early this year, Bac Giang has put huge capacity transformers and substations in operation. Particularly, T3 transformer installation project in Quang Chau 110kV substation (Viet Yen district) was completed in June 2021 which has the biggest capacity in the province. The project was invested by Northern Power Corporation with total capacity of 189MVA.

The timely construction and operation of this transformer help solve the overload condition; satisfy the demand of strong growth rate of loads in Quang Chau IP and residents at Viet Yen district; add power source to the province; enhance linkage among the 110kv substations at Quang Chau, Van Trung, Dinh Tram and Song Khe – Noi Hoang so as to reduce the power loss and meet the high increasing demand of electricity usage.

Besides, Tan Yen 110kV line and substation was switched on in late May which consisted of 110kV line stretching nearly 45km. It was one of the key investment projects of Power sector in Tan Yen district to help ensure power supply to Dong Dinh industrial cluster and local households.

According to Nguyen Duc Hoan, Vice Director of Department of Industry and Trade (DoIT), in the upcoming time, the power demand for industrial production is expected to sharply increase because many groups and businesses continue pouring money to the province.

To ensure the source of power supply for companies, DoIT consulted to complete “Power grid development programme in Bac Giang province in period 2021 – 2030 with the vision to 2050” and integrated in the Provincial Plan.

As the programme, each newly established IP will be added one 110kV substation to serve the demand of provincial industrial development in the period 2021- 2030. The DoIT also suggested to add Bac Giang Power Generation and Waste Treatment Factory Project in Da Mai ward (Bac Giang city) to the national plan for power source development by using solid waste.

The Bac Giang Power Company reported to Northern Power Corporation to prioritize and arrange source for the province to develop and gradually complete the power grid system. The Corporation has directed to mobilize capital source, man power together with synchronous solution to accelerate the investment and construction in Bac Giang.

Hoang Phuong
Nealy 8.85 million USD invested in wire and 110kV Tan Yen substation
(BGO) – On May 20, EVN Northern Power Corporation joined hands with Bac Giang Power Company and several relevant agencies to enegize Tan Yen – Hop Thinh wire under the project of building the wire and 110kV Tan Yen Substation. 
Bac Giang increases capacity of Dinh Tram 110 kV substation, installs Yen Dung substation
(BGO) - On March 29, the Northern Power Corporation kicked off a project to increase the capacity of transformers T1 and T2 of the Dinh Tram 110 kV substation in Viet Yen district and install transformer T2 of the Yen Dung 110kV substation.
Over 287 billion VND invested to build 110kV substation and wire in Son Dong
(BGO) – The Northern Power Corporation (NPC) has invested to build two 110kV substations and wire systems in Son Dong district (Bac Giang province), consisting of 110kV Son Dong substation and wire (substation is put at Yen Dinh commune); 110kV wire system from 220kV substation to 110kV Son Dong substation with total cost of over 287 billion VND (12.6 million USD).
Bac Giang completes to switch on 140 substations to prevent overload
(BGO) – As of September 15, Bac Giang Power Company (BGPC) completed to switch on 140 substations to dispatch the load under the additional project of power grid overload prevention in 2021 with absolute safety.
Quang Chau 110kV Substation has biggest capacity in Bac Giang
(BGO) - The Northern Power Corporation (NPC) has inspected for acceptance the erection project of T3 transformer in  Quang Chau 110kV Substation in Viet Yen district which has the biggest capacity in Bac Giang province.   

Bac Giang province, sufficient power supply, industrial production, new industrial parks and clusters, local power grid, supplement and expansion, strong growth rate
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