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Bac Giang creates industrial land funds to attract investment

(BGO) – Amid significant impacts of the Covid-19 epidemic, Bac Giang has still emerged as a bright spot in terms of investment attraction. The province ranks 10th in the country in luring foreign direct investment (FDI) with more than 1 billion USD. Therefore, the province’s industrial real estate segment is seeing great development opportunities as it is assessed as potential and attractive to investors.

Lack of industrial land

Bac Giang belongs to the northern key economic region. In recent years, it has become increasingly attractive to domestic and foreign investors in terms of production, business and logistics activities, etc. Data of the provincial Industrial Parks Management Board shows that industrial zones are home to 414 valid investment projects, including 311 FDI and 103 domestic ones, with a total registered investment capital of 6.7 billion USD.

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A factory is being built for Risesun Singapore Co., Ltd in the Hoa Phu Industrial Park (Hiep Hoa district).

In six industrial zones, the industrial land funds are almost exhausted. Nguyen Nhu Long, deputy head of the provincial Industrial Parks Management Board, said that many businesses came to promote investment in Bac Giang but had to wait because there was no land to build factories. In the whole province, only the Hoa Phu Industrial Park (Hiep Hoa district) has a small "clean" land fund, but businesses have lined up to sign contracts to lease premises.

A survey of the Hoa Phu Industrial Park shows that the industrial park has a total planning area of more than 207 hectares. It has basically completed synchronous infrastructure, with 20 enterprises implementing projects. Of which, 18 businesses have been granted investment registration certificates and six have come into operation. The occupancy rate in the IP is more than 75 percent.

Currently, the Dinh Tram, Van Trung, Quang Chau, Song Khe-Noi Hoang IPs have been filled. To serve the needs of premises for investment and industrial development, Bac Giang proposed the Government allow the expansion of the existing industrial parks. Specifically, Hoa Phu will be expanded by 85 hectares, Quang Chau by 90 hectares, and Vietnam-Korea by 148 hectares. Simultaneously three new industrial zones will be established, namely 105 ha Tan Hung Industrial Park (Lang Giang district), 377 ha Yen Lu Industrial Park (Yen Dung district) and 300 ha Yen Son - Bac Lung Industrial Park (Luc Nam district).

Focusing on creating premises

The provincial Industrial Parks Management Board completed the construction zoning planning at the rate of 1/2000 for the three newly planned IPs and three expanded ones, which has been approved by the provincial People's Committee. The industrial zones are in the appraisal stage of ministries and central agencies before submitting to the Prime Minister for approving the investment policies.

Specifically, for the expanded Quang Chau Industrial Park, currently the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) has gathered the opinions of the ministries and agencies to request the provincial People's Committee and the investor to complete the dossier to send back to the ministry for appraisal. For the expanded Hoa Phu Industrial Park, the management board has urged the investor to actively complete the dossier following the suggestions of central agencies.

For the Tan Hung Industrial Park, the MPI has submitted a document to the Prime Minister to approve the project investment policy. For the Yen Lu Industrial Park, the provincial People's Committee has made a written report on supplementing the project dossier (second time) and sent it back to the ministries and agencies. The Yen Son-Bac Lung Industrial Park has received consultations from seven out of eight ministries and the provincial People's Committee.

Particularly, the 50 ha Vietnam-Korea Industrial Park (phase 1) has had its investment policy approved. Currently it has paid compensation for site clearance to 530 out of 600 households, equivalent to a total amount of 122 out of 133 billion VND. The accumulated area of land cleared so far has reached about 45 out of 50 hectares, about a month behind schedule.

“The management board is advising the provincial People's Committee to direct localities with recovered land to implement industrial park infrastructure projects, focus more on compensation for site clearance, urgently solve problems, hand over land to investors to carry out their projects, and create clean land funds to attract investment projects. Departments and agencies will coordinate more closely and consult the ministries so that investors soon complete the dossiers and submit them to the Prime Minister for approval of the investment policies of industrial zones according to regulations,” Nguyen Nhu Long said.

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Bac Giang province, industrial land funds, attract investment, significant impacts, Covid-19 pandemic, bright spot, investment attraction
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