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Lang Giang promotes agricultural production associated with environmental protection

(BGO) - Using organic fertilizers and biological measures in preventing harmful pests and diseases, and minimizing growth stimulants are what farmers in Lang Giang district (Bac Giang province) have applied in agricultural production, contributing to environmental protection.

Thach Thi Phan's family in Ben Luong village, Quang Thinh commune has nearly 150 Dien pomelo trees. In the caring process, she uses biological, environmentally friendly plant protection drugs and organic fertilizers.

Lang Giang district, Bac Giang province, promotes agricultural production, environmental protection, organic fertilizers, biological measures, self-managed farmers

Farmers' union members in Ben Luong village, Quang Thinh commune sort and treat organic waste.

The whole commune currently has more than 100 hectares of fruit trees, of which the pomelo area accounts for more than half. The garden owners well implement measures to care for the trees, prevent pests and diseases, and comply with VietGAP production process. In addition to growing pomelo, Quang Thinh commune is also known for growing safe vegetables.

In Can village, Huong Son commune, there is a garbage container in each village road. In the past two years, the farmers' unions at all levels in the district have persuaded people to donate tens of millions of VND to build more than 50 waste storage tanks in communes: Tan Hung, Huong Lac, Quang Thinh and Nghia Hoa... In the field, people are conscious of not throwing away plant protection drugs and plastic bags indiscriminately.

Le Cong Sy, Chairman of the district Farmers' Union, said: "In order to improve the efficiency of agricultural production in association with environmental protection, for many years, farmers’ unions at all levels have focused on communications to improve knowledge and skills for members, and change their behavior and attitude towards environmental protection.

Every year, the farmers’ unions of communes and townships encourage their chapters to strive for no violators of environmental protection and no households producing or trading unsafe agricultural products, and assign them to develop models of farmers participating in environmental protection.” In 2021, the district Farmers' Union established eight models of self-managed farmers engaging in rural environmental protection in the communes of Dao My, Xuong Lam and My Thai.

At the same time, it has directed its chapters in Huong Son and Quang Thinh communes to implement a model of turning organic waste into fertilizer in households with microbial products for 100 farmer members. To implement the waste treatment model, each household is provided with 2 drums and 10 EMIC packages.

For the environment treatment of household livestock breeding, the farmers' unions at all levels have actively coordinated with relevant sectors to train and transfer production and breeding techniques according to safe procedures. Currently, in the district, nearly 1,100 livestock raising households apply measures to reduce environmental pollution by using biogas tanks, both saving fuel costs and minimizing environmental pollution.

Vu Van Tho, Vice Chairman of the Dai Lam commune People's Committee said: In recent years, more than 20 farmer members' families in the commune have earned high incomes from aquaculture. The whole commune now has 165 hectares of aquatic farming. Along with investment in renovating and upgrading the pond system and installing a modern aquaculture equipment system, the households have also pledged not to use waste from pig raising and weight gain bran to feed fish.

From actively encouraging members to protect the environment, in the district, many typical models in cultivation, husbandry and aquaculture meeting safety and hygiene requirements have been formed.

In the district, over 21,300 farmer members who directly produce and trade in agricultural products and food have signed commitments to ensuring food safety. In 2022, the district Farmers' Union set a target that each commune-level farmers' union will build 1-2 typical production models associated with environmental protection, encouraging members to participate in clean cultivation and animal husbandry and reducing waste from production activities.


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Lang Giang district, Bac Giang province, promotes agricultural production, environmental protection, organic fertilizers, biological measures, self-managed farmers
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