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Site work accelerated for Nhu Nguyet bridge construction project

(BGO) – To date, the Management Board for traffic and agriculture investment and construction project in Bac Giang province – investor of Nhu Nguyet bridge construction project has handed over document and marked the land clearance to Bac Ninh province and Viet Yen district.

Accordingly, the project will use about 0.96ha (0.78 ha in Viet Yen and 0.18 ha in Bac Ninh province).

The representative of Land Fund Development and Industrial Cluster Center (Center) in Viet Yen district said the district People’s Committee informed to reclaim the land to 15 households and a company in Nam Ngan village, Quang Chau province, which is considered key task to complete in soonest time.

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Nhu Nguyet bridge is now a point of traffic congestion in Hanoi – Bac Giang expressway.

Now, the Center has actively cooperated with local authority to communicate and persuade the people to proceed steps of site work. As schedule, the local authority will complete defining land owner of 13 households with agricultural field, two with residence land and one coal gathering site of company by December 8 then prepare the compensation and reclamation programme.

The project will be constructed in line with expressway standard scale including steel enforced and pre-stressed concrete bridge with estimated length of 439.15 meters, width of 16 meters. The paths are expanded up to synchronous width of the current road of 33 – 34 meters with four lanes. It is executed with total expected cost of over 456 billion VND (19.8 million USD) from provincial budget in the period of 2-22 – 2024.

After completion, the project will ease the traffic congestion, enhance the exploitation capacity of Hanoi – Bac Giang – Lang Son expressway, contribute to the local socio-economic growth, ensure national defense and security as well as boost up investment attraction to the province.


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Site work, Nhu Nguyet bridge, construction project, Bac Giang province, Management Board, investment and construction project, key task, socio-economic growth, investment attraction
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