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Bac Giang stands side by side with FDI enterprises to overcome difficulties, maintain production and business

(BGO) - On December 13, the Ministry of Foreign Affair held the 20th National Conference on Local Diplomacy. At the “Investment and commercial cooperation” session, Vice Chairman of Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee (PPC) Phan The Tuan delivered a speech themed “The cooperation of Bac Giang province with investors and foreign direct investment (FDI) enterprises to overcome difficulties, maintain production and business”. Bac Giang Newspapers would like to introduce his speech.

In last May and June, Bac Giang was the province suffering worst consequences by Covid-19 pandemic across the nation, forcing local industrial production suspended and many social fields affected.

Bac Giang province, stands side by side, FDI enterprises, overcome difficulties, maintain production and business, Covid-19 pandemic, production recovery

PPC Vice Chairman Phan The Tuan voices at the Investment and commercial cooperation meeting session.

With the motto “Bac Giang for the nation, the whole nation for Bac Giang” to prevent the pandemic from wide infection, protect the life and health of people, Bac Giang province gave first ever decision to suspend operation of four industrial parks (IP) with more than 360 companies and 160,000 labours. The province detained 60,000 labours coming from 61 out of 63 provinces and cities in Bac Giang to control the disease.

The whole political system in the province joined hands and strictly cooperated with the businesses to synchronously implement various solutions to urgently contain the pandemic and safely recover the production.

Thanks to the utmost effort, only after eight days stopping the IP’ operation, the provincial People’s Committee on May 25 issued Plan to re-organize the production activities for the companies in the IPs of Dinh Tram, Quang Chau, Song Khe - Noi Hoang and Van Trung following the motto “Fighting the disease to resume the production, production to contain the pandemic”.

In July, Bac Giang entered new normal state. So far, all companies in the province have resumed normal operation with equal or higher employment rate than the time before the disease outbreak.

The province is among top ten provincies across the nation in term of FDI attraction in 2021 with 20 new FDI projects, registered capital of 637.5 million USD and 44 existing FDI projects to add more capitals of 367 million USD, making the yearly GRDP up to 7.82 percent.

The province has been supported in many aspects by the ministries, sectors, agencies in the Center, provincies and cities across the country as well as the close collaboration from local companies.

Recently, PPC Chairman has granted Certificate of Merit to 11 outstanding FDI enterprises in Covid-19 prevention and control. Bac Giang was the first localities in the country honored with Third Class Labour Medal for outstanding achievement in Covid-19 prevention and control by the President.

In last October and November when Covid-19 pandemic seemed to resurge in local IPs, the province rapidly zoned off the high risk areas and handled the situation to avoid the production suspension.

Bac Giang province continues implementing many measures to assist companies in general and FDI enterprises in particular to recover the production and prevent the disease, such as establishing and operating five mobile medical stations in the IPs; founding IP Medical Center to supervise and support the pandemic fight task at the companies inside the IPs; boosting the administrative reform in investment; supporting companies in labour recruitment and assisting the life of workers …

Bac Giang province, stands side by side, FDI enterprises, overcome difficulties, maintain production and business, Covid-19 pandemic, production recovery

Leader of Bac Giang provincial Department of Foreign Affairs (right) is awarded Flag for top leading agencies in 2020 Emulative Movement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Overcoming these difficulties, Bac Giang province, FDI enterprises and investors have taken great efforts with close cooperation. The local authority committed to accompanying and paying due attention to the benefit of businesses while the companies are ready to share the difficulties with the locality.

In 2021, the Prime Minister approved for the investment policy in two IPs in Bac Giang province, namely Vietnam - Korean IP and Tan Hung IP (Lang Giang district). The province has submitting for approval for two other IPs of Yen Lu (Yen Dung district) and Yen Son - Bac Lung (Luc Nam district) as well as two expanded IPs with total area of over 1,100 ha of industrial land.

The province has also submitted to the Prime Minister to approve for the provincial Plan in the period 2021 - 2030 with the vision to 2050 which adds 20 IPs with total area of 7,000 ha.

With the above mentioned efforts and results in pandemic fight, Bac Giang province believed that the province will continue becoming safe and successful destination for companies in general and FDI enterprises in particular.

Deputy PM urges Bac Giang Province to boost economic recovery while controlling pandemic
Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh asked Bac Giang province to boost economic restoration quickly while paying great attention to controlling the Covid-19 pandemic situation in order to avoid the outbreak.
Tourism’s recovery: positive signs
(BGO)- As the Covid-19 pandemic has been in good control, tourism activity in the northern province of Bac Giang is gradually recovering with positive signs.
Loans offered to 68 business owners to pay for salary in production recovery and severance
(BGO) - The Bac Giang branch of Social Policy Bank has disbursed over 4.8 billion VND (210,986 USD) as the loan for four businesses to pay for salary in production recovery and severance to 1,049 labours in line with the Government’s Resolution No.68 on July 1, 2021 and PM’s Decision No.23 on July 7, 2021 about implementation of policies to support employers and employees affected by Covid-19 pandemic.
FDI enterprises recover quickly, pay high taxes
(BGO) - In May and June this year, the Covid-19 outbreak in Bac Giang province had negative impacts on the activities of busineses, including foreign direct investment (FDI) enterprises, in industrial parks. However, with their efforts to overcome difficulties, these enterprises quickly restored production and business, making positive contributions to the state budget.
198 billion disbursed as loan for salaries in suspension and production recovery periods
(BGO) – According to the Bac Giang branch of Social Policy Bank, the bank has disbursed more than 198 billion VND (8.69 million USD) to 62 employers as a loan for enterprises to pay for the workers’salary in production recovery due to operation suspension period due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Bac Giang province, stands side by side, FDI enterprises, overcome difficulties, maintain production and business, Covid-19 pandemic, production recovery
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