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Businesses conquer challenges

(BGO) – In the middle of 2021, Covid-19 pandemic outbreak caused severe impacts on operation of business community in Bac Giang province. To firmly stand after the pandemic, the companies have taken great efforts to step by step overcome the difficulties, recover the production and business.

Covid-19 pandemic greatly affected to the business and production activities of local firms. After it was put under control since June 2021, the enterprises have highly focused on recovering the production and business to compensate the suspended period.

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Ha Phong Export Garment Joint Stock Company earns high revenue after Covid-19 pandemic is controlled.

These days, about 6,000 labours are urgently completing the soft printed circuit boards for automobile, telephone and ipad at Siflex Vietnam Company Limited in Quang Chau industrial park (IP) which inked more contracts with dozens partners to speed up the fabrication progress for several sections of product.

“In May and June 2021, the company revenue was only 30 million USD per month. But since July, it has sharply increased up to 45 – 52 million USD per month. Siflex could earn about 430 million USD, up about 13 percent year on year. The labour is paid an income of six to nine million VND per person per month,” said Nguyen Van Quan, head of Administrative and Personnel Department.

The companies outside the IP also well conduct disease preventive measures, accelerate the production and business activities. Typically, Ha Phong Export Garment Joint Stock Company (Ha Phong) in Hiep Hoa district has rearranged the production lines, actively expanded the markets and attracted more labours since July, 2021.

Thus, the company gained much more increased revenue in the year end months. In 2021, Ha Phong earned total revenue of 1.7 trillion VND, up 19 percent against last year figure; export turnover of 280 million USD, increasing 18 percent.

The Department of Industry and Trade assessed that amid the severe impact of Covid-19 pandemic the local businesses have urgently re-organized the production model in associated with disease prevention and control, thus the industrial production value in the province gained about 310 trillion VND.

Defining industry as the driving force for economic growth, the local authorities and competent forces at all levels have paid due attention to effectively implementing the Conclusion No.105-KL/TU on May 16, 2021 of the provincial Party Committee’s Executive Board about realizing the duo target to combat the disease and develop the socio-economy.

The province synchronously imposed measures to assist the companies to overcome the hard period, stabilize the production and business.

Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee (PPC) Phan The Tuan said right after the pandemic was controlled, the PPC had established working groups to support enterprises to recover the production.

Acknowledging labour shortage was the “knot” all companies encountered in post pandemic period, the provincial leader directed the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, People’s Committee in the districts and city to propagandize and collaborate with competent organizations in provinces to employ labours.

The province also encouraged companies to raise the salary, bonus and other welfare policies to workers while arranging safe accommodation to help them comfortably work at factories.

Moreover, the key solution which was prioritized in the province thoroughly was to ensure safety for company during production and avoid the disease resurgence causing economic loss.

The IP Management Board and relevant sectors instructed firms to well control over the disease, conduct periodically screening test, and sufficiently administer vaccine to labours.

Additionally, the commercial banks and taxation sector gave a helping hand by offering capital loan, taxation reduction and extension to businesses affected by Covid-19. Particularly, Bac Giang branch of Social Policy Bank disbursed nearly 333 billion VND to 75 companies as the loan to pay for severance and production recovery.

The Department of Industry and Trade regularly exchanged, discussed and supported the companies to link to e-commercial partners; assigned staff on duty to assist the obstacles relating to administrative procedure on import and export…

These practical and effective solutions helped Bac Giang businesses overcome hard period due to the pandemic.


Minh Linh
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Businesses conquer challenges, Bac Giang province, Covid-19 pandemic, pandemic outbreak, severe impacts, business community, great efforts, overcome the difficulties, disease preventive measures
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