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Bac Giang develops urban and residential areas, ensures provincial planning, saves resources

(BGO) – Bac Giang province has high population growth together with huge housing demand due to attraction of many groups and businesses to invest to the industrial parks and clusters. Thus, the province has established several new urban and residential areas. In the future, many localities will construct more urban and residential areas, which supplies to real estate market (REM). However, the development must ensure the provincial plan.

Implementing numerous projects

Lai Thanh Son, Chairman of the provincial Real Estate Association said after the peak of Covid-19 outbreak in Bac Giang in May 2021, the REM quickly recovered, even faster than many big provinces and cities nationwide. The ground accounted for majority in REM transaction (about 70 percent), especially urban and residential areas built from public investment capital.

Bac Giang province, urban and residential areas, ensures provincial planning, saves resources, high population growth, huge housing demand,  industrial parks and clusters, real estate market, ensure the provincial plan

A corner of the West urban area in Voi town (Lang Giang district).

Acknowledging the real estate situation and market in upcoming time, localities have accelerated the progress and proposed numerous new urban and residential projects. So far, the competent agencies in Tan Yen district have cooperated to inspect for acceptance of Chum Nho urban area in Nha Nam town and prepare for an auction of residential property using right in the first quarter of 2022. Apart from the above project, others have been speeded up.

Chairman of Viet Yen district People’s Committee Nguyen Viet Toan said as the plan, the district will have five industrial parks and eight industrial clusters with fast economic development in near future, inter-provincial integrated traffic infrastructure which has been completed. The district will invest and attract many new urban and residential area projects, especially 41 new projects in 2022.

Meanwhile, Yen Dung district has executed 76 projects, 42 of which are from public investment capital and remaining are non-budget capital. The local authority suggested to implement 29 urban and residential area projects in the period 2022 – 2025.

Effectively using residential land fund.

The statistics from the Department of Construction (DoC), Tan Yen and Yen Dung districts proved that the localities in the province proposed to implement about 100 new urban and residential projects in 2022 and about 300 projects at the same field by 2025.

Bac Giang province, urban and residential areas, ensures provincial planning, saves resources, high population growth, huge housing demand,  industrial parks and clusters, real estate market, ensure the provincial plan

The waste water treatment station is inspected for acceptance at Chum Nho urban area project in Nha Nam town (Tan Yen district).

By using the public investment capital and attracting non-budget investment, the province plans to have thousands lots of land and apartment to supply to market in 2022.

Yen Dung was the first district in the province to launch ground auction session in New Year, proving several positive signals of local REM. 46 lots of land in Noi Hoang, Tien Dung communes and Nham Bien town were bidden at high price and sold at 91 billion VND (nearly four million USD), 43 billion VND higher than the starting price.

Currently, 58 new urban and residential area projects which were approved by the provincial People’s Committee (PPC) for the investment and result of investor selection have been implemented in the province without using public investment capital.

Among them, 18 projects are completed or under completion, 17 are constructed while the site work has been done for 13 other projects and feasibility reports are compiled for 10 projects for submission.

With newly proposed projects, the DoC has focused on strictly verifying the detail planning schemes, basic engineering and inspection for project acceptance…to establish synchronous and modern urban and residential areas.

DoC’s Vice Director Dao Cong Hung said the implementation of new urban and residential areas from non-budget investment encounters the hardest issue of site work. Thus, the DoC proposed the PPC Chairman to direct the People’s Committee in the district and city to focus on exchanging to remove obstacles and create clean plane for investors so as to quickly put the project in use.

Besides, the DoC bases on the newly approved provincial Plan in the period 2021- 2030 with the vision to 2050 by the Prime Minister to review the whole urban and residential area plan to ensure they are synchronous and unified to the general plan while cooperating to clarify actual situation of land use in each locality so as to effectively use the land fund and avoid any waste of resource.


Trinh Lan
Luc Nam accelerates land clearance for Bac Giang Golf Course and Resort project
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Bac Giang attracted nine investment projects in first two months
(BGO) – Bac Giang province has attracted total investment of 303.3 million USD for the first two months of 2022, representing 51.5 percent year on year, including four new domestic and five new foreign direct investment projects (FDI) with registered capital of 222 billion VND (9.7 million USD) and 102.7 million USD respectively; 10 FDI projects with adjusted capital up to 191 million USD.
Project connects two banks of Thuong river
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Bac Giang city implements modern and synchronous urban development projects
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Provincial leaders direct to speed up progress of key projects, create new impetus in production, business
(BGO)- Duong Van Thai, member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee (PPC), and Head of the province’s delegation of the National Assembly deputies on February 10 inspected implementation of some traffic and construction projects.
Bac Giang province, urban and residential areas, ensures provincial planning, saves resources, high population growth, huge housing demand, industrial parks and clusters, real estate market, ensure the provincial plan
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