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Hiep Hoa taps advantages for industrial development

(BGO) - Tapping the location advantages in the West of Bac Giang province, Hiep Hoa district prioritizes the industry and investment attraction.

The district 23rd Party Congress’s Resolution defined developing traffic infrastructure, urban and industrial infrastructure is one of the key tasks for the whole tenure 2015 - 2020. The district Party Committee, People’s Committee and Council highly focused on instructing to implement land reclamation and site work for project.

Hiep Hoa district, Bac Giang province, taps advantages, industrial development, location advantages, industry and investment attraction

Hoa Phu industrial park.

As of April 2022, the district had one industrial park and nine industrial clusters in which Hoa Phu industrial park covers 207 ha and is being expanded with over 50 businesses registering to invest and build factories.

Nine industrial clusters stretch 526.9 ha with total investment capital of over four trillion VN (178.8 million USD). Every year, the local industrial park and clusters contribute over 120 billion VND to the state budget. The district attracted 95 enterprises with total capital of nearly 5.2 trillion VND in five years (2016 - 2020), helping create stable job and income for thousands of local labours.

The industrial production is the factor which strongly changes the economic structure in Hiep Hoa district. Amid impacts of Covid-19 pandemic, the business and cooperative block has created stable job and income to more than 20,000 labours; contributed over 41.5 billion VND to the state budget (accounting for 24.73 percent of total budget collection in the area) for the first five months.

In February 2021, Hanoi Sungho Electronics Company Limited, a Korean invested business officially operated in Hop Thinh industrial cluster to produce and trade electronic equipment. It is one of companies with high automation in various production lines to reduce the intermediate stage and enhance working productivity.

The company employs both male and female labours while offering many additional policies to help them improve the living.

Chief of company Import-Export Department Nguyen Thi Kim Dao said two more factories are scheduled to be operated in this July to increase the production scale, hence creating 3,000 jobs more.

Thanks to the management and due attention from the province, Hoa Phu industrial park in the communes of Mai Dinh, Chau Minh and Huong Lam has drawn more than 50 sub-investors.

Financial Director Kim Soo Chan of Alpha Green Company Limited said Hoa Phu industrial park meets all infrastructure criteria with smooth traffic and abundant labour force so several investors select this site.

Alpha Green Company Limited has operated since July 2020 with total investment capital of nearly 180 billion VND in the field of eye glass and electronic device production. Now the business recruits nearly 250 local people with stable income of 8 - 10 million VND per month.

Hiep Hoa district, Bac Giang province, taps advantages, industrial development, location advantages, industry and investment attraction

Electronic component production at Hanoi Sungho Electronics Company Limited in Hop Thinh industrial clusters.

According to Hoang Cong Bo, Chairman of Hiep Hoa district People’s Committee, the district defined key task to prioritize the development of industry and service in the socio-economic development plan in the period 2021 - 2025 with industry as major driving motion for economic growth.

By 2025, the district strives to have occupy rate of over 75 percent at the industrial park and cluster while completing planning task for district industrial park and cluster by 2030 with 4 industrial parks and 14 industrial clusters covering 2,050 ha.

To realize the goal, the district People’s Committee highly focuses on directing the site work to hand over clean plane to contractor on time; quickly handling administrative procedures; creating open and favorable environment for investors; suitably arranging land fund in line with the provincial industrial plan; well managing the planning task, construction of infrastructure and waste water treatment system …inside the industrial parks and clusters to ensure quick and sustainable development.


Tuong Vi
President awarded third class Labour Medal to Hiep Hoa district
(BGO) – President inked Decision No.282/QD-CTN on March 1, 2022 to award third class Labour Medal to the Party Committee, authority and people in Hiep Hoa district, Bac Giang province as the acknowledgement for their excellent achievement in the emulative movement that the whole country joins hands in new style rural building in the period 2016 – 2022, contributes to socialism construction and national defence.
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(BGO) - For a long time, people in Hoang Luong commune (Hiep Hoa district, Bac Giang province) have had a prosperous life from growing water dropwort. In the last lunar month, the roads from the commune centre to the villages are bustling with trucks going in and out to bring the vegetable to other places for sale.
Hiep Hoa recognized as new style rural district
(BGO) – The Prime Minister on January 10, 2022 issued the Decision No 39/QD-TTg to recognize Hiep Hoa as new-style rural district in 2020.
Changes in revolutionary land of Hiep Hoa
(BGO) – For recent years, Hiep Hoa district (Bac Giang province) has gained breakthrough in socio-economic development. A new urban area has been shaped with many industrial park and clusters. The urban space is expanded. After ten year implementation, the district has completed new style rural building criteria ahead of the schedule. With gained achievements and suitable orientation, Hiep Hoa has had firm development steps deserving of the tradition in revolutionary homeland.
Hiep Hoa district, Bac Giang province, taps advantages, industrial development, location advantages, industry and investment attraction
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