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Luc Ngan to ensure power supply and loans for lychee season

(BGO)- In order to meet the demands for lychee processing and consumption, Luc Ngan Electricity Branch (in northern province of Bac Giang) and commercial banks in the district have worked out production and business plans to prevent shortage, congestion and disruption of the supply chain of goods and necessary services.

Steady and continuous power supply

These days, although they had to work in hot weather and complicated topography, the operations management team (Luc Ngan Electricity Branch) have overcome difficulties and tried their best to accelerate the construction progress. Facing the increasing electricity demand, Luc Ngan Electricity Branch has implemented the solutions to improve and upgrade the power grid system in the locality for steady and continuous power supply.

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Workers of Luc Ngan Electricity Branch upgrade the electric grids in Tru Huu commune.

Particularly, this unit has reinforced inspection and supervision since early this year to recommend Bac Giang Electricity Company plans to invest, repair and upgrade the power grids. Prior to the lychee season, the branch has supplied electricity to 2 outgoing feeders of 371 and 373 behind the Luc Ngan 2 110kV-substation, accepted 15 anti-overload substations, built and improved 36.5 kilometres of low-voltage electric lines in some key communes.

Besides, Luc Ngan Electricity Branch has implemented 7 major plans to repair middle and low voltage electric lines and tens of plans for regular repair while solving the overload problems for continuous power supply.

According to Pham Quang Long, Director of Luc Ngan Electricity Branch, in line with repairing and upgrading the electric grid system, the unit has timely inspected and piloted 42 specialized substations to ensure safety and technical standards before supplying electricity to the facilities producing industrial ice, Styrofoam box and auxiliary materials for packaging, preserving and consuming lychee. Thus, production of these facilities is assured.

Meeting demand for loans

Together with the electricity sector, the commercial banks, credit funds and State Treasury also commit to provide favourable financial services for organizations and individuals conducting transactions relating consumption of lychee.


Luc Ngan district, ensure power supply, loans for lychee season, Bac Giang province, lychee processing and consumption, supply chain of goods, necessary services

Locals implement loan procedures for lychee processing and consumption at Agribank Luc Ngan.

“Apart from expenses for fertilizers, this year our family will build 1 more lychee drying oven; thus we need to borrow 200 million VND (over 8,600 USD). After we finished the procedures, Agribank Luc Ngan- Bac Giang II quickly disbursed that loan for out timely production”, said Nguyen Van Bay in Dong Tuan village, Thanh Hai commune.

Under direction of the State Bank in the province, branches of the commercial banks in Luc Ngan district have made balance plans to create favourable conditions in loans and payment for firms, cooperatives and locals to serve lychee processing and consumption.

According to Agribank Luc Ngan- Bac Giang II, which has the main headquarter in the center of Chu township, other transaction places in Kim, Lim and Bien Dong and 1 mobile transaction location, this bank transacted about 100 billion VND (over 4.3 million USD) everyday and total more than 5 trillion VND (216.9 million USD) in the lychee season 2021.

According to Vice Chairman of the district people’s committee Nguyen The Thi, the district has directed competent agencies to grasp the production situation and evaluate supply and demand of the goods such as large ice blocks, Styrofoam box, plastic box and industrial ice to meet the market demand. Besides, the district has made plans to regulate the sources of supply of auxiliary goods and services from other localities to the district to supplement the market in case of excessively increased prices.


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Luc Ngan district, ensure power supply, loans for lychee season, Bac Giang province, lychee processing and consumption, supply chain of goods, necessary services
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