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Leaders of Bac Giang city hold dialogue with businesses

(BGO) - After the Covid-19 epidemic, many businesses, cooperatives and business households in Bac Giang city (Bac Giang province) faced difficulties and obstacles in production and business. At a dialogue held by the city authorities on June 24, the leaders of the city listened to businesses’ opinions and directed the implementation of solutions to support them.

Facing difficulties after Covid-19

The dialogue took place in an open atmosphere with the participation of nearly 250 people who are chairpersons of the board of directors, directors and managers from more than 13,000 businesses, cooperatives and business households.

Leaders of Bac Giang city, Bac Giang province, hold dialogue with businesses, difficulties after Covid-19, capital flows, credit policy

Chair persons at the dialogue.

Duong Thi Ha, Secretary of the Party cell and Director of FACO Vietnam Financial Consulting - Auditing Co., Ltd., said that the unit currently provides financial advice to more than 200 corporate clients. In the past 2 years, businesses have spent a large amount of money on epidemic prevention and control, so they lacked capital. They also faced difficulties in accessing credits. Therefore, Ha asked for the state management agencies’ support to facilitate the customs clearance of goods. It is necessary to have an opener credit policy, clearing capital flows for businesses to have conditions to restore operations, she said.

The representative of Tien Loi Cake Production Facility said that the unit wants to receive the city’s financial support to invest in equipment as well as promote trade on e-commerce platforms, creating opportunities to connect with and introduce products to provinces and cities across the country.

Some businesses also reported that they are facing a shortage of workers, especially skilled ones, so they expect the authorities and relevant agencies to support them in recruiting workers.

The city should provide support in terms of production space, taxes, capital, modern machinery and equipment, and knowledge of e-commerce applications and digital transformation. To step up administrative reform and reduce the number of inspections and examinations in the year, it is necessary to provide timely and widely information on salary policy, urban development planning and orientations of the city in the coming time so that units can actively develop appropriate operation plans.

Removing bottlenecks, creating momentum for development

The city leaders asked departments and units to answer each relevant content.

Representatives of the city’s competent agencies informed that every year, the city People's Committee issues plans to encourage industry and provide support in renovating machinery and equipment and designing packaging designs, with priority given to those with products granted OCOP (One Commune One Product) certificates. Therefore, business households need to register with the city's Economic Department for support at the prescribed levels.

Leaders of Bac Giang city, Bac Giang province, hold dialogue with businesses, difficulties after Covid-19, capital flows, credit policy

Representative of business voices at the meeting.

At the event, Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Dang Dinh Hoan said that city leaders always listen to, share with and commit to creating all favourable conditions for businesses, cooperatives and business establishments.

He emphasized that the city focuses on planning work; linking urban planning with those on land, environment, and information technology infrastructure. Especially, it will promote digital transformation and create conditions for all agencies, units, enterprises, organizations and individuals to access information. 

The city will increase investment in urban framework infrastructure and social facilities to promote socio-economic development; pay attention to supporting enterprises, cooperatives, and production and business establishments; attract financially capable and experienced investors and prioritize clean industrial production, trade and service projects.

The city will promote administrative reform and build a pure administration, dynamic and responsible officials and civil servants serving the people. In addition to the efforts of the Party Committee and authorities, the city needs the companion, solidarity and high determination of enterprises, cooperatives and business establishments to actively accelerate digital transformation, promote production and business, thus contributing to boosting the city’s outstanding, firm and comprehensive progress in all socio-economic aspects and improving the quality of people's lives, worthy of being the leading locality in the province.


Le Thanh - Mai Toan
E-invoice applied at more than 3,600 businesses and economic organizations in Bac Giang
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Businesses and traders register to consume 36,800 tonnes of lychee at domestic market
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Bac Giang accompanies digital transformation businesses
(BGO) - Implementing the Prime Minister’s Directive No. 01 dated January 14, 2020 on promoting the development of digital technology enterprises and Resolution No. 111 dated June 11, 2021 by the provincial Party Committee on digital transformation in Bac Giang province in the 2021-2025 period, with an orientation to 2030, many businesses in Bac Giang province have boldly conducted digital transformation in governance, thus saving costs and time, and improving labor productivity.
Leaders of Bac Giang city, Bac Giang province, hold dialogue with businesses, difficulties after Covid-19, capital flows, credit policy
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