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Famers win big thanks to raising chickens on Huong Son mountain

(BGO) - At this time, the price of hill chickens, specifically those raised on Huong Son mountain in Lang Giang district, Bac Giang province is 1.5 times higher than that in the previous time due to the scarcity of supply. Households who boldly invested in breeding new herds a few months ago now "win big", earning high profits.

Raising hill chickens earns profit of 280 million VND per litter

With mountainous terrain that is convenient for developing chicken raising and the need for linking and supporting local households, Huong Son commune established a 11-member chicken breeding cooperative in 2021, specializing in raising chickens on the hill.

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The Huong Son hill chicken (Lang Giang district, Bac Giang province) boasts a beautiful appearance and delicious meat.

Currently, the cooperative regularly maintains a total herd of 30,000 chickens per litter. The chickens are raised mainly in Don Cau Bang and Don 19 villages.

We visited the model of raising chickens on the hill by Tran Van Dong, Director of the Huong Son Mountain Chicken Cooperative, a household with experience in raising chickens in the commune.

His family has 3 hectares of hill gardens, with the breeding area far from residential areas. The hill areas for raising chickens are relatively cool. Dong said his family has always maintained two litters per year.

"Currently, my family is raising 9,000 chickens, of which 2,000 are one month old and 7,000 are being sold. On average, each chicken is 2.2-2.5kg, with the selling price of 75,000-85,000 VND (3.2-3.6 USD)/kg. After deducting costs, the profit is about 280 million VND (11,980 USD) per litter. This is the "biggest" profit the family has earned so far", Dong said excitedly.

Duong Van Than, also residing in Don Cau Bang, a member of the cooperative said: "Last year, my family raised 4,000 chickens but sold them for only 59,000 (2.5 USD) VND/kg, earning about 80 million VND (3,420 USD) in profit. This litter, with the same amount, traders paid up to 85,000 VND (3.6 USD)/kg, earning my family an estimated profit of hundreds of millions of dong".

Lang Giang district currently has thousands of households raising chickens on the hill, mainly in Huong Son, Tien Luc, Nghia Hoa and Quang Thinh communes.

Famers, win big, raising chickens, Huong Son mountain, Bac Giang province, hill chickens, high profits, mountainous terrain, economic value

2,000 one-month-old chickens.

When chickens reach their weight for sale, traders from many places come to the breeding households and order them for sale in the province and some neighboring provinces such as Bac Ninh, Hai Duong and Hanoi. The Huong Son hill chickens have a beautiful appearance and delicious meat, so they win consumers’ favour.

In the past 5 years, there were some times when the price of chicken increased, but only reached 70,000 VND (3 USD)/kg. The current price is the highest ever.

Farmers advised to not raise new herds when chicken prices are highest

The high chicken price is a good sign for farmers. However, according to Quach Thi Diem from the district Agricultural Service Center, chicken prices increase but they are not stable and long-term.

Therefore, breeders should not massively raise new herds, causing supply to exceed demand, affecting consumption and not bringing in economic efficiency.

Famers, win big, raising chickens, Huong Son mountain, Bac Giang province, hill chickens, high profits, mountainous terrain, economic value

7,000 chickens raised at home and on Huong Son mountain of a model in Huong Son commune, Lang Giang district, Bac Giang province.

With the current hot weather and diseases on livestock, people need to have suitable anti-heat solutions for their chickens, combining with biosafety farming to keep chickens healthy. Besides, farmers should also carefully calculate the prices of input materials to minimize risks in livestock farming.

In order to help the Huong Son hill chicken develop sustainably and bring economic value to residents, the locality is actively coordinating with relevant authorities to build an OCOP (One Commune One Product) brand for this product.

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Famers, win big, raising chickens, Huong Son mountain, Bac Giang province, hill chickens, high profits, mountainous terrain, economic value
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