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Seven-month budget collection up 29.9 percent in Bac Giang

(BGO) – The total domestic collection in the northern province of Bac Giang is estimated at 1,095 billion VND (46.7 million USD) in July and over 10,800 billion VND in the first seven months of this year, increasing 29.9 percent and making up 80.3 percent of the yearly estimation.

Seven collections gained over 80 percent of the estimates, such as land use fee of over 6,072 billion VND (up 45.3 percent, accounting for 86.4 percent of the estimation); personal income tax of 837 billion VND (up 40 percent, accounting for 97.3 percent of the estimation) …

Seven-month, budget collection, Bac Giang province,  total domestic collection, yearly estimation, Seven collections, supporting taxation policy

The personal income tax is one of seven collections hitting over 80 percent of the estimation.

The budget collection earned positive results in the districts and city. Three localities exceeded the estimations, including Viet Yen with 2,281 billion VND (surpassing 5.6 percent), Tan Yen with 420.7 billion VND (exceeding two percent) and Yen The with 199.5 billion VND (exceeding 10.7 percent).

To increase the budget collection, in second half of this year, Bac Giang province synchronously implements tax management measures; strictly imposes solutions to expedite and handle debt collection as regulation; accelerates inspection to prevent tax loss.

Meanwhile, the competent agencies continue enhancing the quality and efficiency of communication, supporting taxation policy and law suitably and practically while following the principles of saving, financial and budget rules during public task execution.


An Nhien
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Seven-month, budget collection, Bac Giang province, total domestic collection, yearly estimation, Seven collections, supporting taxation policy
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