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Gasoline prices hit six-month low

Vietnam gasoline prices on Thursday dropped 3.6-3.8% to the lowest since Feb. 11 as global rates kept falling.

A liter of popular RON 95 gasoline now costs VND24,660 ($1.05), down VND940, while that of biofuel E5 RON 95 costs VND23,720, down VND900.

Gasoline prices, six-month low, global rates, RON 95 gasoline, this year’s peak,  fuel demand

An employee operates a gas pump at a station in Ho Chi Minh City, February 2022.

Thursday’s was the fifth consecutive downward adjustment made to gasoline prices. Compared to this year’s peak on June 21, prices have fallen by 24.22-24.98%.

Prices of diesel and kerosine also dropped 4.4-5.2%.

On the global market, gasoline prices have decreased marginally in the last 10 days, according to data from the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Finance.

On the global market WTI crude futures slipped toward $91 per barrel Thursday as concerns over supply disruptions eased and markets looked for evidence of improving fuel demand.

Gasoline prices jump another 2.5 percent
Vietnam gasoline prices set yet another new record Monday after authorities adjusted them upward for the sixth consecutive time.
Gasoline price rises 1.5 pct
Vietnam’s RON 95 gasoline price increased by 1.54 percent Tuesday to a new record of VND32,870 ($1.42) per liter, having risen by 41 percent so far this year.
Lawmakers approve environmental tax cut on gasoline
The Standing Committee of the National Assembly Wednesday approved a government proposal to cut environmental tax on gasoline by half as prices surge.
How Vietnam gasoline prices compare with that of other countries
Gasoline prices have doubled in Vietnam in less than two years to an all-time high, and account for a higher ratio of income than in several neighboring countries.
Gasoline prices surge 10 pct
Vietnam gasoline prices skyrocketed by 10 percent to another new record Friday, after authorities adjusted them upward for the seventh time in three months.

Source: VnExpress

Gasoline prices, six-month low, global rates, RON 95 gasoline, this year’s peak, fuel demand
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