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Bac Giang targets synchronous urban development with long-term vision

(BGO)- Urbanization is defined indispensable, which is an important driving force for rapid and sustainable development, thus, the provincial Party Committee, People’s Committee and all levels and sectors in Bac Giang province have paid special attention to urban development with specific policies and guidelines.

Small urban scales

Currently, there are 18 urban areas of different levels in Bac Giang province. Due to special natural conditions and topography, the urban network of the province is located in the western areas including Bac Giang city and the districts of Hiep Hoa, Viet Yen, Yen Dung and Lang Giang. The land areas of the urban in Bac Giang are rather small.

Bac Giang province, synchronous urban development, long-term vision, important driving force, rapid and sustainable development, specific policies and guidelines

One corner of the southern new urban area in Bac Giang city under construction.

Facing this circumstance, the local party committee and government have paid due attention to direction and worked out numerous guidelines, policies and measures to boost urban development.

As a result, the urban space has been gradually expanded with increasing population and improved people’s living standard. The urban system has been developed more synchronously and modernly. The urban architecture and landscapes have been dramatically improved to be brighter, more green, cleaner and naturally harmonious. Investment attraction in urban development has seen positive results with resources mobilized from the society making great contribution to socio-economic development of the province.

Focused urban development

Bac Giang was the first province nationwide approved the provincial master plan by Prime Minister on 17 February 2022.

Accordingly, in the orientation for urban development of the province until 2025 attached to administrative unit arrangement guidelines, the province targets to have 17 urban areas with 32.4 percent of urbanization rate.

Bac Giang province, synchronous urban development, long-term vision, important driving force, rapid and sustainable development, specific policies and guidelines

Bac Giang city by Thuong river.

Besides, the administrative boundary of Bac Giang city will be expanded (Yen Dung district will be merged into Bac Giang city) while the administrative boundary of Luc Ngan district will be also adjusted. Viet Yen and Chu towns will be established.

To that end, the Executive Board of the provincial Party Committee issued the Resolution No 233-NQ/TU dated 25 July 2022 regarding the guideline to re-arrange district-level administrative units and urban development in the period of 2022-2025.

The provincial Standing Party Committee issued the Plan No 51-KH/TU dated 5 April 2022 to implement of the Resolution No 06-NQ-TW dated 24 January 2022 of the Politburo on planning, construction, management and sustainable development of urban areas in Vietnam until 2030, with a vision to 2045.

Accordingly, the levels and sectors are required to define urban development a regular and important task of the entire political system. In addition, it is essential to attach importance to planning methods ensuring synchronization and modernization with people and quality of life as the core, culture and urban civilization as the base for development.

The Department of Construction advised the provincial People’s Committee to review and recommend adjustment and supplementation of the mechanisms and policies on land, investment, construction and planning in accordance with practical conditions to attract investment, encourage society involvement in urban planning, construction and development focusing on housing development, social housing, workers’ housing, development of urban infrastructure and urban areas, urban improvement and refurbishment.

The people’s committees of the districts and city are urged to make programmes and profiles for urban development and 5-year and annual urban development plans conforming to the provincial master plan.

It is necessary to pay attention to in-depth investment for development and development of synchronous, modern and connected urban infrastructure adapting to climate change with highlights to build green and smart cities.

It is required to closely supervise development at the expanded urban areas (on existing rural land) in accordance with the planning ensuring efficiency. Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to building new-style rural areas in line with urbanization process. Urbanization will set a base for rural development and rural areas will support urban development.

In addition, in order to reach the targets for urban development, it is essential to foster mindset renovation and enhance management capacity of the officials in charge of urban development at all levels while improving people’s cognition and awareness to adapt to urban living environment.

Urban areas should be expanded and sustainably developed with increasingly synchronous and effective technical and socio-economic infrastructure where the people’s quality of life will be gradually improved.


Vuong Tuan Nghia, Director of the Department of Construction
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Bac Giang province, synchronous urban development, long-term vision, important driving force, rapid and sustainable development, specific policies and guidelines
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