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Bac Giang city develops green, cashless markets

(BGO) - Bac Giang city in the province of the same name is mobilizing the engagement of socio-political organizations to build green markets that reduce plastic waste and encourage non-cash payments, contributing to building a green and smart city.

Building green, clean markets

In response to the policy of building a green and smart city launched by the Party Committee and People's Committee of Bac Giang city, this year, the municipal Youth Union directed its local chapters to coordinate with relevant units in implementing the "six greens" movement and promoting digital transformation in daily activities. One of their tasks is building the model of green, cashless market, with Ha Vi market in Tran Nguyen Han ward chosen to pilot it.

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Youth union members guide people in Tho Xuong ward to make non-cash payments.

Here, the youth union members gave baskets of flowers and hydroponic plants to small traders to hang at their stalls in order to create an environment-friendly space. Simultaneously, they guided business households and people to open free accounts, install and experience modern banking utilities on mobile applications. They also designed and set up a VietQR code suitable for each business model so that people could conveniently make online payments.

At Song Mai market, youth union members and youngsters delivered paper bags to residents when they came to the market. They persuaded people to limit the use of plastic bags and replace them with paper and cloth bags, boxes and environmentally friendly products. Youth union members and youngsters exchanged recyclable waste for trees for small traders and market-goers. Thanks to that, the market has become clean, beautiful and green with flower baskets and climbing plants.

So far, youth unions in Bac Giang city have deployed three green and eight cashless markets. They organized 102 activities of exchanging recyclable waste for trees and planted 7,000 new trees in schools, markets and residential areas.

More than 1,000 youth union members and young people participated in visual, mobile and radio communication activities at markets and residential areas on reducing plastic waste.

After implementing the cashless model at eight markets in the locality, by the phone, many small traders and people have transferred money to their accounts to buy and sell goods.

Patiently persuading people to form civilized habits

Many people commented that when the model was first deployed, the scene of Ha Vi and Song Mai markets was cleaner and more beautiful. But after a while, many trees have died due to improper care and new trees have not yet been planted. In many markets, garbage and wastewater discharged indiscriminately are not collected and treated in time.

Bac Giang city, Bac Giang province, green and cashless markets, socio-political organizations, reduce plastic waste, non-cash payments, green and smart city

Hoang Van Thu ward’s staff give cloth bags to market-goers.

Despite being persuaded and guided many times, not many people made online payments at the local markets. Mainly young people did that. As people are used to using cash and plastic bags, they are not interested in modern payment methods and in protecting the environment in markets.

Bac Giang city is determined to build a green, clean, beautiful, civilized and modern city and promote digital transformation in all areas. Therefore, the model of green, cashless market is encouraged to be replicated in markets, supermarkets and trade points across the city.

Nguyen Thi Lien, Deputy Secretary of the municipal Youth Union, said that promoting the pioneering role of the youth, the unit will continue to expand the model and improve its quality and effectiveness in markets. The grassroots-level youth unions will strengthen communications to make people and business households actively implement the model. In addition to the youth, it also needs the participation and coordination of socio-political organizations to maintain this activity regularly and continuously.


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Bac Giang city, Bac Giang province, green and cashless markets, socio-political organizations, reduce plastic waste, non-cash payments, green and smart city
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