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Vietnam’s economy projected to grow 8% in 2022: Government report

The Vietnamese economy is forecast to expand by 8% in 2022, surpassing the target of 6-6.5%, according to a report prepared by the Government and discussed by the National Assembly Standing Committee on October 11.

GDP growth is one of the 14 targets that Vietnam is on track to meet or exceed this year, creating momentum for the subsequent years in the 2021-2025 period, the report noted.

Vietnam’s economy, grow 8%, Government report, GDP growth,  creating momentum, subsequent years, standard of living, fiscal policy

The meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee to comment on the Government's socio-economic report.

Such positive results are thanks to the Government’s effective implementation of the Covid-19 prevention programme, which has placed the pandemic under control and returned economic activities and people’s lives to normal.

Government revenue for 2022 is predicted to exceed the target by 14.3%, providing room for fiscal policy to support growth and enhance the standard of living.

In its report, the Government also outlined 12 groups of tasks to be implemented in the final months of the year to achieve the highest results possible.

In 2023, the Government will aim for a growth rate of 6.5%, GDP per capita at 4,400 USD and inflation at 4.5%.

Commenting on the Government’s report, Chairman of the National Assembly’s Economic Committee Vu Hong Thanh said the fact that 14 out of 15 socio-economic targets are met and surpassed, including GDP growth of 8%, is an encouraging result amid numerous difficulties within the global economy.

He added that such achievements have affirmed the Party and State’s prompt leadership, the National Assembly’s effective supervision and the Government’s aggressive actions.

The Economic Committee asked the Government to remain consistent in the goal of ensuring macroeconomic stability, pursue a flexible monetary policy, continue to monitor the epidemic closely while taking timely actions and look for new growth opportunities through digital transformation and developing the green economy.

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Source: NDO

Vietnam’s economy, grow 8%, Government report, GDP growth, creating momentum, subsequent years, standard of living, fiscal policy
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