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Businesses take effort to overcome and affirm trademark

(BGO) – In spite of encountering many difficulties in production and business, the enterprises have exerted every effort to overcome and affirm the trademark. Recently, many have been honored as “Outstanding enterprises” in Bac Giang province at the six event of its kind in 2019 – 2022 period.

Sharply increase revenue

Ha Phong Export Garment Joint Stock Company (Ha Phong JSC) in Doan Bai commune (Hiep Hoa district) is a typical company with high production and business result for consecutive years. After Covid-19 pandemic was well controlled, the company arranged labours to work overtime, actively imported materials, accelerated production to ensure orders for partners.

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Workers at Ha Phong Export Garment Joint Stock Company complete garment products for export.

Last year, the company gained total revenue of over 1.8 trillion VND (74.6 million USD), up nearly 150 billion VND year on year with post tax profit of over 350 billion VND.

For nine months in 2022, the business has exported millions of garment products to foreign market with revenue of nearly 1.4 trillion VND, up nearly 25 percent against the same period last year.

Ha Phong JSC has paid over 110 billion VND to the state budget for three years while ensuring average salary for labour of nearly 11 million VND per person per month, up about 10 percent comparing to last year figure.

Acknowledging such achievement, Ha Phong JSC was one of 16 busineses honored by the provincial People’s Committee as “Outstanding enterprises” in Bac Giang province in 2019 – 2022 period. Its CEO Nguyen Van Khanh was honored as “Outstanding entrepreneur”.

Similarly, Fuhong Precision Component Company Limited (Fuhong) in Dinh Tram industrial park (Viet Yen district) has achieved highly increased revenue. For recent three years, the company has invested nearly 9 billion VND to modern machine as well as trained the man power, helping ensure the product quality to meet the requirement from the partners.

Last year, the company gained total revenue of over 36 trillion VND, up 5 trillion VND against the figure of two previous years. For recent three years, Fuhong has paid nearly 340 billion VND to the state budget. Also, it always secures position of top leading business with high industrial production value in the province.

For years, Fuhong has been honored and rewarded by the Taxation sector. Besides, the company annually spends 5 to 12 billion VND on social welfare activities.

Apart from them, 16 other enterprises have been honored as “Outsanding business” in 2019 – 2022 period by the provincial People’s Committee after judging 13,200 local companies and cooperatives.

Timely supporting business to overcome challenges

Good business and production result of enterprise community, including honored ones, has significantly contributed to the provincial budget collection. According to the provincial taxation sector, the provincial budget collection hit over 20 trillion VND last year.

It was the golden milestone to mark the first ever high budget colletion. For the first nine months of this year, the provincial budget has earned 12 trillion VND, up 26 percent year on year while the economic growth has reached 23.98 percent for nine months, top leading nationwide.

According to the Department of Home Affair, the honored enterprises this year met all standards of long operation time over 5 years, higher post tax revenue and profit, sufficient payment to state budget at least 200 million VND for small business and 500 million VND for medium sized business and 2.5 billion VND for big enterprise.

To gain such achievement, apart from the creativeness, enthusiasm and great effort of each business, local authority gave a helping hand by synchronously and timely applying solutions to handle their difficulties.

The provincial People’s Committee established Working Group to support companies to quickly recover the production and business activities. The relevant agencies like taxation focused on reviewing and extending the tax payment time for them while bank restructured the debt payment time and reduced the loan interest for those affected by pandemic.

Particularly, implementing Government’s Resolution No.68/NQ-CP on July 1, 2021 about policies to support employers and employees affected by Covid-19 pandemic, the Bac Giang branch of Social Policy Bank disbursed more than 490 billion VND to over 90 businesses as the preferential capital loan to pay salary for the labours.


Minh Linh
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(BGO) – Amid severe impact of Covid-19 pandemic last year, many enterprises and entrepreneurs in Bac Giang province took great efforts to recover the difficulties, maintain and accelerate effective production and business and well implement taxation policy to the State. Many were honored by the taxation sector with reward for sharp increase revenue and high tax payment.
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Businesses, take effort, overcome difficulty, affirm trademark, Bac Giang province, production and business, Outstanding enterprises
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