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Luc Ngan to develop Chu urban area featuring a fruit orchard

(BGO)- According to the plan, Luc Ngan district in northern province of Bac Giang will be re-arranged its administrative boundary by 2025 to establish Chu township with integrated and modern social and technical infrastructure in harmony with nature of the fruit orchard and build new Luc Ngan district. In order to meet the schedule, the local party committee and government have been actively implementing the assigned tasks.

Big potentials but hard to make breakthroughs

Luc Ngan has nearly 28,000 hectares of fruit trees, one of the biggest fruit orchards in northern Vietnam. The district is home to nearly 350 relics and beautiful landscapes with a number of large lakes like Khuon Than and Cam Son creating an attractive landscape complex.

Luc Ngan district, Chu urban area, fruit orchard, Bac Giang province, administrative boundary, modern social, technical infrastructure, biggest fruit orchards

The fruit growing area in Nam Dien village, Nam Duong commune.

Luc Ngan is expected to lure 120,000 arrivals in this orange and pomelo season. The district has been carrying out many schemes and projects including the “Scheme on supporting sustainable development of fruit trees in Bac Giang province in the period from 2021 to 2025” and the project “Ecological community-based tourism development in Luc Ngan district in the period from 2021 to 2025, a vision to 2030”.

Although it has large land area and rich potentials, it is hard for Luc Ngan district to make breakthroughs when the district has 19 out of 29 communes and towns facing difficult economic situation with disadvantaged traffic conditions. Besides, its tourist potentials have not been effectively exploited. Several criteria for urban infrastructure of Chu urban area have not been met according to regulations.

The provincial Party Committee promulgated the Resolution No 233-NQ/TU dated July 25, 2022 (Resolution 233) on re-arranging district-level administrative units and urban development on Bac Giang province in 2022-2025 period. The Resolution is aimed to re-arrange and upgrade some district-level administrative units including Luc Ngan district.

Striving to become an urban center in northeastern region

Luc Ngan district identified Resolution 233 as a big policy and opportunity to create momentum for urban development. The establishment of Chu township and new Luc Ngan district with 2 towns of Bien Dong and Phi Dien is a significant foundation to increase proportion of urban population and help the locals to improve living standard, benefit from urban conveniences and create breakthroughs in socio-economic development.

Luc Ngan district, Chu urban area, fruit orchard, Bac Giang province, administrative boundary, modern social, technical infrastructure, biggest fruit orchards

Detailed planning of the urban area and administrative center in Chu town (Luc Ngan district).

According to Nguyen Viet Oanh, Secretary of the district Party Committee, Luc Ngan district will focus on developing Chu township into a center urban area in the northeast of the province as a driving force for development of the districts in the northeast of Bac Giang province. The district targets to build Chu town into a mountainous township meeting criteria of green urban area attached to the fruit orchards, orchard and leisure tourism conforming to the tourism development scheme of the province and Luc Ngan district.

The urban area of Chu will not focus on industrial development but it will concentrate on eco-tourism, development of high-tech agriculture and improving values of commodity farm produce. In order to realize this policy, the district is making planning of Chu township with the area of about 251.5 square kilometre.

When building urban area attached to development of the fruit orchards, the district should focus on planning of the production areas in the communes of Quy Son, Hong Giang and Thanh Hai and development of ecological residential and service areas in low hillsides and along river banks including the communes of Nam Duong, My An and Chu town. The fruit cultivation area will be the center and the service development area will be the driving force.

According to Le Tuan Anh, Head of the Economic and Infrastructure Division of Luc Ngan district, in line with planning mission, communication and propaganda is defined an important task to reach consensus of the officials, party members and people. The district will strive to complete making planning, schemes and programmes for urban development by 2024 and establish Chu township and new Luc Ngan district in 2025.

The Dai- Quang Huan
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Luc Ngan district, Chu urban area, fruit orchard, Bac Giang province, administrative boundary, modern social, technical infrastructure, biggest fruit orchards
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