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“Farm workers” earn better income

(BGO)- In the past, farmers often cultivated then sold their products in traditional ways with low efficiency. Now, many farmers in Yen Dung district, Bac Giang province have become “farm workers” with stable jobs and better income thanks to land accumulation and high-tech application.

Vu Van Tuan (born in 1986 in Canh Thuy commune, Yen Dung district) graduated from Hanoi Construction University and worked for some foreign companies. After travelling to many countries, he found the supply chain of clean vegetable in Vietnam limited, thus, in 2017 he established Thai Eco Company Limited, which is located in Bay village, Canh Thuy commune.

Farm workers, earn better income, Bac Giang province, stable jobs, high-tech application, on-site production, export farm products

“Farm workers” working in the membrane houses in Yen Dung district.

He rented 5 hectares of land from the locals to invest in high-tech agriculture. He built 10 membrane houses to plant several species of leaf vegetable, red radish, cucumber, Japanese melon and bell pepper. In line with on-site production, Thai Eco has established wide-range distribution channels nationwide such as the supermarket chains of Go, Aeon, DABACO, Winmart+, Golden Gate and many hotels and restaurants in Vietnam. Besides, the company implements deep processing to export farm products to foreign markets.

In order to supply from 30 to 60 tonns of vegetable each month, the Company employs more than 50 workers, most of whom are farmers.

“Good and stable income and comfortable working environment” is general assessment of “farm workers” in Thai Eco Company.

We visited another model of Tri Yen High-tech Agricultural Cooperative in Duc Thanh village, Tri Yen commune, Yen Dung district. Various types of veggies like cucumber, pepper and tomato planted in the membrane houses are growing well to be harvested.

“Our 7 workers are local farmers, who are above 50 and have land for long-term leasing”. They do farm work but it is not as hard as before”, said Tran Xuan Dang, Director of the Cooperative.

“We do not have part-time job, thus my family live on some fields. Since the Cooperative rented land and worked here, I do not have to worry about weather nor product consumption. Every day, I just work in the vegetable fields for 8 hours then go home. I can earn 5 million VND (201 USD) per month, much higher than self-cultivation before”, according to Nguyen Thi Tam in Nam Bac Thanh village.

The farm work is not as hard as before because the work now is mainly in membrane houses. Farmers can adjust time to go to the fields in hot weather as long as they meet the work progress.

Although she has cultivated vegetable for a long time, Nguyen Thi Tinh in Nam Bac Thanh village immediately agreed to lease her land to the Cooperative for clean vegetable cultivation and she was accepted to work for the Cooperative.

Farm workers, earn better income, Bac Giang province, stable jobs, high-tech application, on-site production, export farm products

Female workers at the processing department of Thai Eco Company Limited.

Besides, Yen Dung district has Yen Dung clean vegetable Cooperative in Tien Dung commune with the products meeting VietGAP standards such as cucumber, melon, tomato and Korean melon. All of the growing area is in membrane houses with automatic fertilizing and watering procedures applying Israeli technologies. The initial success has motivated the Cooperative members to expand the scale up to 60 hectares creating jobs for nearly 100 labourers, who are mainly local people.

Yen Dung district has made planning for 7 high-tech agricultural zones in the communes of Tien Dung, Duc Giang, Tri Yen, Tu Mai, Canh Thuy, Dong Phuc and Dong Viet with total land area of 135 hectares. In addition, the district has built 50 cultivation spots in membrane house and net house with total 12 hectares.

Several farmers grasp the opportunity of land accumulation to become “farm workers” and gain better income right in their homeland.


Tuan Minh
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Farm workers, earn better income, Bac Giang province, stable jobs, high-tech application, on-site production, export farm products
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