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Bac Giang accompanies business in digital transformation

(BGO) – Sharply grasping and applying technologies, many businesses in Bac Giang province have boldly conducted digital transformation, used modern equipment in production to enhance labour productivity and business efficiency.

Increasing labour productivity and business efficiency

As one of the pioneer in digital transformation, Bac Giang Power Company (BGPC) has enhanced application of new technology solutions such as medium voltage grid automation, digital substation without on-site operator and automated customer care among others.

Bac Giang province, accompanies business, digital transformation, grasping and applying technologies, modern equipment, enhance labour productivity, business efficiency

The remote control center at Bac Giang Power Company.

BGPC’s Vice Director Bach Hong Quan said: “The digital transformation is prioritized in several tasks of digitalizing data and working procedure, applying new technologies and automation in business and production, building digital infrastructure to ensure information safety, training and communication to meet the management demand, increase the labour productivity and customer serving quality”.

Thong Nhat Service and Trading Joint Stock Company in Lang Giang district is specialized at producing wooden floor, fire-proof steel door and mechanical task. Recently, the company has actively invested in software and automated machine into production which helps reduce 14.6 percent of working time of labour.

Besides, it also applied technology into managing, analyzing and exploiting customer data via modern software to optimize the sale policies. Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, the company could quickly adapt and change to gain high growth rate. In 2022, the business earned estimated revenue of 301 billion VND (12.6 million USD)with post tax profit of 3.3 billion VND.

Building suitable itinerary

According to the Department of Planning and Investment (DoPI), the province now has more than 12,000 enterprises. After acknowledging the importance of digital transformation, many have accelerated the application of digital technology into business, production, internal management, electronic payment, human resource remote control…

However, it is neccesary for a company to have three factors of human, regime and technology toward successful digital transformation. So, they must build up specific strategy and itinerary, assign division in charge of digital transformation in close cooperation with consultant to proceed each step so as to suit to actual situation.

Accompanying business in digital transformation, the provincial Business Association has actively introduced and connected suppliers of support platform, free sponsor programme for some products serving the firms.

Recently, the provincial Consultation and Assistance Center (under the provincial Business Association) has inked cooperative agreement with Hanoi based Vietnam TTZ Joint Stock Company to support digital transformation for businesses in Bac Giang province.

The company Director Tran Van Thang said: “We are really happy to accompany Bac Giang businesses in digial transformation by supplying comprehensive solution of management and security for factory, building and industrial park”.

At the same time, the provincial Business Association also provided training course on electronic commercial skill and enhanced competitiveness for some local companies.

The Resolution No.111-NQ/TU on June 11, 2021 of the Executive Board of the provincial Party Committee about digital transformation in 2021 – 2025 period with the vision till 2030 targeted at least 800 digital technology and digital businesses by 2025; 1,500 digital technology and digital businesses by 2030.

The DoPI has cooperated with relevant departments, agencies and sectors to support the business during digital transformation. In 2022, the DoPI supported to establish 312 digital companies, organized 5 digital transformation training sessions to the business, assisted 30 small and medium size enterprises to join business digital transformation programme.

In the upcoming time, the DoPI will futher help the businesses participate in digital transformation support programme, raise their awareness about digital transformation, assist to register and establish digital company while effectively implementing programme to support some local enterprises to hire or buy the digital transformation solution.

Vi Nguyen
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Bac Giang province, accompanies business, digital transformation, grasping and applying technologies, modern equipment, enhance labour productivity, business efficiency
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